A redditor planted an Easter egg in Hulu’s Fyre Fest doc

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A person on Reddit found some easter eggs in Hulu’s new documentary, Fyre Fraud, about the music festival that never was, Fyre Festival.

While most of us were likely in awe of how insane the making of the doomed Fyre Festival was, one person on Reddit was paying attention to the comments on a screenshotted post by Kendall Jenner in the doc. Reddit user Phoy44 posted a screenshot of the post, saying “Kasvotvaxtfan comment on original Fyre Festival Instagram promo post…how?”


The username Kasvotvaxtfan commented “Amazing!!” on Kendall Jenner’s post, which was posted in 2017. However, the username didn’t exist during that time. It turns out the person who created the fake account was an editor for the documentary.

“Hi. I did this!” Redditor purplehumpbackwhale wrote. “We recreated all tweets so that they would be high-res, and used fake commenter usernames because we didn’t want to put any real people in the spotlight. Mostly someone else recreated the graphics, but I created this one and used the opportunity to slide in a phishy easter egg. and some other funny names. Good catch!”

After successfully finding one easter egg, the Redditor went on to find more phishy references.


Are there more easter eggs to be found? I’m going to have to go watch the doc again to find out.

Gabrielle Sorto

Gabrielle Sorto

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