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Image via @RodriguezThaGod/Twitter

Childish Gambino’s ‘Redbone’ is now part of an absurd new Twitter meme

Ever wonder what ‘Redbone’ sounds like while playing Gamecube?


Tess Cagle

Internet Culture

Childish Gambino has become the center of a weird new meme on Twitter this week, as fans reimagined what “Redbone,” a fan favorite single off his 2016 Awaken, My Love! album, would sound like in any context.

The meme began on May 13, when one Twitter user posted muffled audio of “Redbone” and said it was what the song would sound like while making out in the bathroom of a house party.

The Redbone meme was born.

Since the original post, each new addition to the meme has grown more sarcastic and ridiculous. Now there seems to be a way to know how “Redbone” would sound in any given situation–whether you’re in the ER or in the middle of a roasting sesh in the bathroom of a house party.

Not everyone is a fan of the new meme, though.

Notoriously silent on the internet, Donald Glover–aka Childish Gambino–has not yet commented about the meme.

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