6 of Pope Francis’ most fire Instagram posts

Over the weekend, between canonizing saints and praying for all the unbelievers in the world, Pope Francis joined Instagram.

That’s right. Pope “mf” Francis is now on Instagram, which means you can get your daily dose of Christian wisdom alongside the meaningful musings of your favorite IG thirst trap.

The Pope’s Instagram has already gained 1.2 million followers which is super impressive considering 90 percent of those people didn’t attend mass this past Sunday. Here are his best posts thus far.Kim Kardashian could never look this authentic while holding a cross.

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This guy didn’t believe in God until he started following Pope Francis on Instagram.

In this video, the Pope is saying, “If you idiots don’t follow me on Instagram, I will personally send a message to God and tell him to never, under any circumstance, allow you into his heavenly kingdom.” Afterward he blocked Pope Benedict XVI on Twitter.

Pope Francis: Should I close my eyes or leave them open?

Pope Francis’ assistant: Nah, leave them closed. That’s a guaranteed 200K likes

Photo by Annie Leibovitz.

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Praying that his haters accept God in their lives.

By the way, these are Pope Francis’ only posts so far. What a legend. 

Photo via fanciscus/Instagram