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OnlyFans model claims she spent $200,000 to engineer the ‘perfect’ butt

One follower remarked her butt was so big it had 'its own zip code.'


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Posted on May 17, 2021   Updated on May 18, 2021, 9:36 am CDT

An OnlyFans model is claiming to have spent $200,000 on plastic surgery to engineer the “perfect” butt—and she’s cultivated a fan base on OnlyFans and on two other social media platforms.

Stephanie Palomares, according to a Daily Star article, is a 27-year-old Las Vegas-based model who has reportedly undergone the extensive plastic surgery to build her fan base as well as her derriere.

Her Twitter account (at @mspalomares_), which has nearly 160,000 followers, shows some sneak peeks at content on both the free and VIP tiers of her OnlyFans account.

“Become a VIP member,” she suggests in one recent tweet with a short video clip attached. “It’s more lit there than my free page.”

Her Instagram account has grown to 1.9 million users, although it’s private and requires a request to be accepted by the account in order to access the content within. The Daily Star article notes that Instagram is where Palomares highlighted the plastic surgery work on her butt, and solicited comments from followers to get their opinions.

Reportedly, one commenter remarked that her butt is now so big that it has “its own zip code,” while another thought that she should try more injections to make her bottom ever larger than its become.

The article also featured a few of the photos featured on her Instagram account.

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It went on to note that she’s shared news of her successful real estate purchases on the platform, remarking, “All I’ve done is work hard and pray for all my blessings,” before detailing how she’s branched out.

“Bought a five bedroom house by the strip in Vegas,” she relayed. “Now got a tenant paying triple my mortgage. I just bought another property in Miami, the second I signed yesterday. I made 75k profit off back. Buying another property in a few months.”

Though she’s encouraging people to see her photos and videos on OnlyFans, the Daily Star reported that she’s had past troubling encounters with stalkers, including a recent incident with one who “got obsessed with me over there.”

“I started getting calls from fake numbers and pizzas getting delivered,” she explained, and then revealed that the harassment elevated to swatting.

“One night, six cops descended on my house, SWAT style,” she said. “My stalker had called the Las Vegas police department and informed them that I had both a hostage and a dead body in my house.”

She also told the same publication, in a March story, that she and her assistant were detained by Mexican police “without food or water for 48 hours after being accused of not having paid a bar tab.”

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*First Published: May 17, 2021, 4:10 pm CDT