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Olivia Wilde wore a white dress to her friend’s wedding, sparking a debate

‘The grooms approved.’


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The debate around a wedding guest wearing a white dress reemerges after photos of Olivia Wilde wearing a white dress to Colton Underwood and Jordan C. Brown’s wedding.

Underwood and Brown married on May 13, with photos exclusively released by People debuting a few days later. The lavish, three-day extravaganza included their dogs being part of the ceremony, the Stanford University artistic swimming team performing for the guests, and a choir and orchestra performing during the service.

Wilde showed up in a white dress she called a “wedding dress” and was on hand to make a toast. And while photos of Wilde’s dress emerged in People’s articles, she also posted several photos to Instagram Stories to address the elephant in the room.

“Wore a wedding dress to a wedding just so I could make a joke about it in my toast,” she wrote on Instagram.

A subsequent photo, in which Wilde goes to hug Underwood, notes that “The grooms approved.”

A viral TikTok posted by @hannahkosh included screenshots of Wilde’s posts and summed up the situation.

“It was Colton Underwood’s wedding, and I honestly did not know that those two were close enough for her to give a toast,” she observed, shrugging. (People reported that Wilde is actually close friends with Brown.)

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Photos of Wilde’s attire were shared on Twitter, with her photo captions intact, where comments about Wilde making a wedding all about herself quickly emerged.

But others pointed out two factors that made this instance of someone who wasn’t the bride wearing white different than someone doing it to show disrespect

“Am i the only one who thinks its funny if the grooms were ok with it,” one person commented on TikTok.

“The grooms were not mad. there was no bride to upstage,” @ben_eales tweeted. “why are you guys so pressed over this.”

For one, there wasn’t a bride to speak of to disrespect; it was a gay wedding. And two, according to Wilde, both Underwood and Brown knew she was wearing the dress beforehand. And with Wilde posting about it herself, she’s aware of the stigma of wearing that color that might not come across when photos of a day celebrating a friend become a magazine spread.

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