wedding guest in white dress with caption 'Two girls wore WHITE at my friends wedding.' (l) bride speaking with caption 'The bride got sad.' (c) wedding guest in white dress with caption 'This one wore a legit WEDDING DRESS.' (r)

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‘Please never wear WHITE at someones wedding’: Video shows 2 guests wearing white dresses at a wedding

Many saw it as a sign of disrespect toward the bride.


Michelle Jaworski

Internet Culture

Posted on Apr 26, 2023

Almost nothing gets the internet riled up more around a wedding than the reveal that someone other than the bride wore white. And it’s still the case amid conversation around a viral video where two women wore white at a wedding.

Isabella Santos Giha (@isabellasg3) posted a TikTok in which footage of two different women are wearing what appears to be white or off-white dresses as they interact with other guests at her friend’s wedding.

@isabellasg3 Please never wear WHITE at someones wedding. It is sad and disrespect. @sisilozada  #bolivia ♬ original sound – Isabella Santos Giha

“This one wore a legit WEDDING DRESS,” Santos Giha said of the second woman in white.

Also included is footage of the bride, which Santos Giha noted that the women in white made the bride sad.

“Please never wear WHITE at someones wedding,” she wrote in the video caption. “It is sad and disrespect.” In the comments, Santos Giha added that one of the women who wore white “was THE COUSIN OF THE GROOM.”

Not every bride around the world wears white on her wedding day. But it’s a prevalent enough tradition that not only do many people tend to know that white is the color a bride usually wears, but it’s a faux pas for wedding guests to also wear it. The 2005 romcom Monster-in-Law famously illustrated this sentiment (and what it meant) after Viola (Jane Fonda) wore a white dress to her son’s wedding as a way to signal that she doesn’t support her son’s decision to marry Charlie (Jennifer Lopez).

The video, which has been viewed more than 12 million times in the past 16 hours, clearly struck a nerve as many of those viewers read the dress choice as a sign of disrespect. And while there was some debate among commenters about whether the first dress was actually a white dress—in a certain light, it looks like it could be a very light pink—the details of the second dress leaves little room for alternative explanations.

“omg the first one could’ve just been a poor decision, but the second one!!!” one person wrote.” “oh my god i thought it was going to be the bride at first.”

Some folks suggested that there should have been some “accidental” spilling of red wine on those dresses.

“I believe each bride needs a friend who is known to be clumsy be in charge of spilling red wine on them or make it a game for the groomsmen to,” a commenter suggested.

Others suggested other women wearing white at a wedding probably happens more often than expected.

“Happened to me !” Beatriz Romo wrote. “And has the audacity to wear the same dress to HER OWN WEDDING !a month after mine 🙃”

“My mother-in-law and her daughter wore dresses whiter than my wedding dress 🙄,” mimi.mitrovic3003 added.

While some wished that the women had been kicked out of the wedding, others pointed out that reacting with indifference might be the best solution while everyone else might also have worked.

“I wouldn’t be sad bc I know damn well my guests would be throwing all the shade so I don’t have to and I’d look graceful for being unbothered,” another person commented.

Santos Giha responded that it’s exactly what they did. And despite the attention toward the women wearing white, there are just as many compliments directed toward the bride’s look.

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*First Published: Apr 26, 2023, 12:50 pm CDT