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News anchor relentlessly trolled for accidentally blasting sick-call email to entire company



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Company-wide emails can be a dangerous thing. Not only can they spark ire from your coworkers, but they can sometimes lead to endless trolling.

Earlier this week, Missouri anchorman Nick Vasos wasn’t feeling well after oral surgery and hoped to tell his boss he wanted to take the day off. But instead of emailing his supervisor, he sent the email to his company’s nearly 200 stations, prompting thousands of tweets and emails of well-wishes.

An outpouring of faux sympathy from Nexstar employees soon followed, including the now-viral hashtag #PrayersForNick.

“How do you bring together staffers across America’s largest local TV station owner?” tweeted Ted Nesi, an editor and reporter at WPRI 12 in Rhode Island. “Accidentally blast your sick-call email to the entire company #PrayersForNick.”

Vasos’ coworkers also joined in on the fun and created a shrine on his desk, complete with framed pictures of the journalist, an assortment of flowers, American flags, and get-well cards. One fellow anchor, Jonathan McCall, even posted a photo of himself kneeling in front of it.

“Don’t worry #NexstarNation, we here at @FOX4KC are keeping @NickVasos in our prayers until he comes back to work healthy and strong. #PrayersforNick,” McCall tweeted.

In an interview with Fox 4, Vasos explained how the email came to fruition. It began, he said, with oral surgery Thursday afternoon that required him to fast and abstain from water for seven hours. He didn’t take water when he got home from his surgery, either, and began to feel sick after taking pain medication, he said.

“It was an honest mistake,” Vasos told the station.

He said he sent a text to his manager saying he wasn’t feeling well, but didn’t hear back.

“So I went to the email,” he said, “which was a mistake.”

Vasos said he used to be able to reach his boss by emailing an address that began with “news@.” But a recent switch in company email addresses caused him to accidentally send the email to all of Nexstar. He said he didn’t realize he made the mistake before pressing “send.”

“And that’s where we are today,” Vasos said.

Vasos said he was overwhelmed by the responses to his illness.

“Attention #NexstarNation. Take it from me, when calling sick don’t email You’re welcome,” Vasos tweeted. “#PrayersForNick Now time to rest. Good night.”


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