Drive thru with caption 'McDonald's got me Fu*ked up' (l) McDonald's drink (c) man in hat (r)

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‘Come on man, that ain’t right’: McDonald’s drive-thru only serves drinks, sparking debate

‘It’s not their fault they open 24/7 they gotta clean at some point.’


Lauren Castro

Internet Culture

In a viral video, TikToker Kaleb (@dubb772) recorded himself ordering at a Fort Pierce, Florida McDonald’s location where the employee informed him that they were only serving drinks at that time. 

“McDonald’s got me fu*ked up,” the overlay text on the video reads.

@dubb772 McDonald’s trippin dawg 🤣🤣🤣 only in Fort pierce FL #fy #fyp #funny #fl #772 #FL ♬ original sound – Kdubb

The video begins with Kaleb asking the worker to repeat herself so that he could catch the interaction on video. 

“Right at the moment, we are only serving drinks. Is there anything I can get for you?” the employee says. 

Kaleb then continues to ask why they are only serving drinks, and the employee replies that the fast food restaurant doesn’t “have anything else ready yet, and our fry station is being cleaned to get ready for breakfast.”

“Come on man, that ain’t right,” he responds, repeating himself a few times. 

“Sir, I apologized for the inconvenience, but that’s what I have available,” the employee replies. 

The creator then proceeds to list off food items from the menu to see if they were available, including fries, apple pie, and an egg—despite the worker already informing him that the McDonald’s wasn’t serving food at that moment.

“Sir, we are in the middle of getting ready for breakfast,” she reminds him. “If there’s something I can get for you, I will get it for you but if I don’t have it available, I can’t get it for you.”

“Ya’ll hard in the yard, man,” Kaleb says, speaking over the employee. 

His video has received over 263,000 since it was shared Aug. 13 and sparked debate about the situation in the comments. Many users defended the McDonald’s employee and claimed Kaleb was taking it too far. One viewer even called Kaleb a “Karen.”

“It’s not [their] fault they open 24/7 they gotta clean at some point,” one user argued.

“This is why I can’t work in customer service, no way I’m repeating myself several times to a grown man,” another user commented.

“You act like that’s the only McDonald’s go to another one instead of being rude to her,” a third user said. 

However, other users in the comment section wondered why the McDonald’s was even open if all they could serve was drinks. 

“Lmao it’s her getting mad at you for not understanding why they are open in the first place only serving drinks,” one user said.

“Why is they even open?” another asked.

“McDonald’s so unprofessional. It’s always something,” a third user commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kaleb via Instagram messaging and McDonald’s via email.

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