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Billie Eilish’s boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vorce apologizes for racist and homophobic posts

Vorce’s racist and homophobic Facebook posts resurfaced in screencaps shared by Eilish’s fans.


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Billie Eilish‘s boyfriend, 29-year-old writer/actor Matthew Tyler Vorce, faced backlash this week after some of his old Facebook posts resurfaced online.

Circulated by Eilish’s fans on social media, these screencapped posts included racist and homophobic slurs and offensive comments about women. However, it wasn’t clear at the time whether they were real or fake. Now, Vorce has confirmed that the posts are genuine, and shared a public apology on Instagram.

“I want to apologize for the things that I wrote on social media in the past,” Vorce wrote on Instagram Stories. “The language I used was hurtful and irresponsible and I understand how offensive those words are.”

“I am ashamed and deeply sorry that I used them in any context. It is not how I was raised and it is not what I stand for. I shouldn’t have used this language in the first place and I won’t use it again. I am so sorry for the hurt I have caused.”

Vorce has also locked his Instagram account, responding to the widespread criticism he faced from Eilish’s fans—both because of his old Facebook posts, and because some fans disapprove of the 10-year age gap between himself and Eilish.

Vorce and Eilish haven’t spoken publicly about their relationship, but are rumored to have been dating for the past few months. Eilish also hasn’t commented on the controversy around Vorce’s Facebook posts.

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