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Many people are mocking Trump for overusing ‘many people are saying’

Another Trumpism goes viral.


Jay Hathaway

Internet Culture

When you want to say something unseemly or controversial, but also wish to distance yourself from it, the oldest trick in the rhetorical playbook is to claim that “people are saying.” Many people have noticed that former steak salesman Donald Trump, currently seeking to become the next American president, employs this tactic frequently

These are just the times he’s done it on Twitter— 

And that’s not to mention all the times he’s done it at rallies, most notably in February, when he repeated an audience member’s claim that Republican rival Ted Cruz was a “pussy.” 

“It was like a retweet,” Trump later said on Fox News, “I would never say a word like that.” 

Trump’s most recent and egregious use of “many people are saying” popped up Monday on Twitter, when he insinuated—without saying himself—that Iran had executed scientist Shahram Amiri because of emails stored on Hillary Clinton‘s private servers.

This is a serious claim, also repeated by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) recently, but the Washington Post reports it’s also untrue. Trumped up, if you will. 

Although Trump has claimed “many people are saying” before, the latest incident spawned a jokey hashtag that points out just how easy it is to abuse the “many people” trope without providing proof or specifics. 

So #manypeoplearesaying a lot of negative things about Donald Trump on Twitter today. But you can’t blame them! This stuff is just on everyone’s lips these days, you know?

Many people are also saying that a very sad incident occurred on the set of beloved ’80s sitcom Mr. Belvedere

Sadly, the guy who played Mr. Belvedere passed away in 2001. However, the Daily Dot has reached out to the Guy Who Plays Mr. Belvedere Fan Club for comment on what people are saying. 

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