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‘It’s an instinct thing’: Man gets 4 Little Caesars pizzas for his family. 2 are left uneaten. How many pizzas are enough for group orders?

‘Should've gotten three.’


Linda Hamilton

Internet Culture

Posted on Nov 7, 2022

Bradley Irhke (@roofingking420) received over 900,000 views recently for a question that some may have not pondered on recently. How many Little Caesars pizzas are enough when placing a group order?

In the video, Irhke said he bought two pizzas for his family and all of it was eaten swiftly. But once he bought four pizzas, there were still two pizzas left that hadn’t been eaten. 

Users could relate to Irhke’s frustration while some gave solutions for his dilemma… including a psychological reason for the inconsistency.


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One user commented, “Should’ve bought three.” 

“Leftover Caesars [pizza] is the best in the air fryer for three to four minutes,” another user wrote.

Another commented, “OMG, yes, all the time and not just pizza, it’s like with everything.”  

Some viewers gave insight on what the number of pizzas can mean. 

“Two means ‘I need to rush and eat it before there is no more,'” said one user. “Four means ‘I’ll wait, there’s enough.'” 

“It’s an instinct thing,” another viewer commented. “You need to eat as much as you can before someone else eats it, but when there’s abundance, there isn’t much need to hurry.” 

So how many Little Caesars pizzas are enough? Know your inner circle and plan for two or three slices per person, knowing that a standard medium from a U.S. chain has eight slices.

It’s been a wild year of viral flashpoints for Little Caesars, perhaps because it’s the most prominent American pizza chain that offers in-store “Hot-N-Ready” pickup and is thus most susceptible to in-store drama. For many, being able to pop-in on a weeknight and grab a pizza without notice is a go-to. When that availability is compromised, feelings fly.

Customers have complained about workers and freaked out over price changes. Managers have pushed back and workers with babies have been applauded.

We reached out to Irhke via direct message on Instagram.

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*First Published: Nov 7, 2022, 5:08 am CST