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Somewhere in this mayhem, the party also chose its nominee.

This weekend’s Libertarian National Convention produced the the third-party presidential ticket of Gary Johnson and William Weld, two former Republican governors seen as the party’s best hope to establish a unified front alongside fractured Republicans and conflicted Democrats.

It took two rounds of voting for each member of the ticket to secure the 50 percent support needed to win the nomination, but not before Johnson first threw some shade at his rivals.

But most people who aren’t members of the Libertarian Party don’t remember anything about the actual ticket. What’s still on their minds? James Weeks II, the stripping Libertarian whose bid to be party chairman ended when he nearly bared it all.

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Even the famed Florida Man Twitter account gave Weeks a shout-out, though not everyone was that kind to the self-proclaimed “liberty activist” from Michigan.

This wasn’t the only time the Libertarians got rowdy about their preferences. Though Johnson secured the nomination for the second election cycle in a row, he was repeatedly booed during his remarks at the Rosen Center Hotel in Orlando on Saturday.

Perhaps the most laudable assertion that nonetheless earned boos came from presidential candidate Austin Petersen, who has since endorsed Johnson.

Here’s hoping the striptease tactic doesn’t migrate to America’s more mainstream politicians. Sadly, jeering and booing are already universal tactics.

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