Genius turns Kylie Jenner’s ‘rise and shine’ meme into alarm ringtone

Kylie Jenner may be a billionaire, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t do normal(ish) people things.

One of those moments was caught in the midst of a recent 16-minute video tour of her glitzy Kylie Cosmetics office space when the reality tv star turned beauty mogul tried to wake up her daughter Stormi from a nap.

“Rise and shine,” she sings while turning on the light in the room.

The internet couldn’t resist turning the moment into a meme.

“My mom waking me up for school while i was in elementary,” Twitter user @alessiasjapan joked.

One user expressed that they wanted to wake up to the sound of Jenner randomly belting out “rise and shine.”

“How do I set Kylie Jenner singing rise and shine as my alarm?” Twitter user @0lii5ia questioned.

Another went the extra mile and did precisely that.

“Testing out my custom Kylie Jenner rise and shine alarm ringtone,” Twitter user @somvorna wrote. In the clip, Jenner can be heard singing the words “rise and shine” on repeat.

Somvorna even contemplated creating and sharing a Kylie Jenner “Rise and Shine” mp3 but backed out after realizing that it could result in a lawsuit.

“So imma hit y’all up with a tutorial real quick,” they tweeted.

For all the Jenner fans who want to wake up to her voice, a kind user shared a quick way to turn the clip into a ringtone.

“Step 1: dl the rise and shine video. Step 2: trim the rise and shine part. Step 3: find an online video converter and convert the trimmed video to mp3,” they shared.


Tiffanie Drayton

Tiffanie Drayton

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