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‘You got the right motherf*cking white girl’: ‘Karen’ harasses Subway worker, calls soldier ‘socialist commie bastard’ (updated)

Viewers criticized her for her behavior toward the soldier and worker.


Cecilia Lenzen

Internet Culture

Posted on Nov 17, 2021   Updated on Nov 21, 2021, 2:20 pm CST

Viral TikTok footage has viewers calling out a woman for harassing a Subway worker then calling a soldier a “socialist commie bastard.” 

The Virginia woman named Sarah Sutterlin uploaded a portion of the footage herself, under the account @babygirl__685

Sutterlin says she’s a mother, small business owner, and consultant in Virginia, according to the website linked on her TikTok profile. But some viewers are calling her Karen. 

“@Subway please protect your employees,” one user said. “The right to refuse service. Y’all don’t pay her enough to deal with THE KAREN’S [sic] of the world!!!!”

The footage Sutterlin uploaded shows her confronting a Black Subway worker, calling her a “bitch,” and telling her to “go back there and do your job.” The worker affirmed she would beat the woman up, but then turned around and walked away, flipping her middle finger. 

Another clip of footage that Sutterlin shared showed a police officer handing her an incident information slip outside the Subway. Sutterlin claimed that the Subway employee bit her. 

In another clip in the same TikTok video, Sutterlin said she plans to sue Subway because the employee allegedly scratched her face. Sutterlin leaned into the camera as she drove to show her face, which appeared to have a red mark on her left cheek. 

“I’m gonna sue the fuck outta them,” she said. 

Some TikTok viewers were skeptical though, asking if it was a scratch on her face or simply evidence of “bad skin care.”


Other viewers urged Sutterlin to share the “full footage” and called her out for editing out the part where she insulted the soldier. 

Some viewers alleged in the comments that Sutterlin works for Uber Eats and was at the Subway to pick up an Uber Eats order. The Daily Dot was unable to confirm this. 

Another TikToker, known as @amber_90_amber on the platform, shared a longer clip of what happened at the Subway. Amber’s video has received over 1.9 million views since Tuesday. After the Subway employee walked away, Sutterlin appears to have turned around to address the other customers in the restaurant.

“Y’all want this woman to make your food? She will not make my customer’s food then threatened to beat my ass with her racist ass,” Sutterlin shouted. Then she turned to yell at the employee again, “Come on out here and do your job, bitch. You got the right motherfucking white girl.” 

Then Sutterlin asked for someone to call the police and appears to have asked the soldier, “Sir, can you call the law?” 

He said no. When Sutterlin asked “why not?” the soldier responded, “She’s one person.” It appears that he was referencing to the Subway potentially being short-staffed, causing longer waiting times for orders, although it’s not entirely clear.

“She’s one person. And I’m willing to wait for their food. That she’s refusing to make,” Sutterlin responded to the soldier. Then she asked him if he would call the police again, to which he answered again “no.” 

“OK, well then serve your country and sit on right on there,” Sutterlin said. “I bet you got that vaccine too, didn’t you.” 

The soldier responded that he “sure did” get it, presumably meaning a COVID-19 vaccine. That’s when the Karen threw in the “socialist commie bastard” comment. 

“Yeah you Democrat. Socialist commie bastard,” Sutterlin snapped back at the soldier.

 Viewers criticized her for her behavior toward the soldier.

“So she’s disrespecting a soldier just because he’s vaccinated?” a viewer said.

“The fact that no one agreed with her,” another wrote.

“‘Respect the Military’ until they disagree with you,” a comment read.

Others tagged Subway and preemptively urged them not to fire the worker.

Subway did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment. 

Update 2:17 pm CT Nov. 21: Sutterlin’s video and TikTok account were taken down. Sutterlin declined to speak to the Daily Dot.

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*First Published: Nov 17, 2021, 7:28 pm CST