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Julián Castro is the first 2020 Dem to launch a TikTok account

Julián Castro could be the next president of the United States or the next big TikTok star.


Collyn Burke

Internet Culture

Julián Castro has been a lot of things: Mayor, the youngest member of President Barack Obama’s cabinet, a 2020 presidential candidate, but his newest role could be the biggest one of them all. What is his latest accomplishment you ask? It’s potentially becoming the next big TikTok star.

Castro is now generating buzz across the internet as the first presidential candidate to make an account on the social media site TikTok.

The account, run by his campaign staff, features various informational videos about his campaign and proposed policy plan, like one set to Lizzo’s “Boys.”

The videos have been viewed by up to 50,000 people and have received mostly positive feedback from his supporters.

“i’m screaming omg, the fact that @JulianCastro is really out here with tiktok legend activities 😭😭,” user @dazeydaydreamz wrote.


“In case you needed something to brighten up your day: My man @JulianCastro is the only candidate on TikTok!” user @thatoneguyhecto wrote.

Despite positive feedback from supporters, some users seem to have brushed the videos off as a ploy to connect with young voters.

“julian castro’s campaign is on tiktok and i truly want 2020 to just be OVER,” user @thefunkes wrote.

Whether you like it, it looks like @teamjulian2020 is here to stay.

A representative from Julián Castro’s presidential campaign did not respond to a request for comment.


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