iPhone X vs Shrek blu-ray

Photo via Apple Shrek/Blu-ray Remix by Jason Reed

New meme shows what you can buy instead of an iPhone X

iPhone X or 83 copies of Shrek the Third on Blu-Ray? You decide.


Jay Hathaway

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Perhaps the most controversial thing about Apple’s new high-end phone, the iPhone X, is how much it costs. $999 is an unprecedented retail price for an Apple phone, and it’s naturally led to complaints from would-be customers. But if you don’t want it at that price, don’t buy it! Think of all the other things you could buy for less money, like 83 Blu-Ray copies of Shrek the Third!

iphone x vs shrek the third meme

Or the entire menu at Cracker Barrel:

iphone x vs entire cracker barrel menu meme

or a trebuchet, the coolest and most stylish of  the medieval siege engines:

trebuchet vs iphone x meme

or… a Glock, presumably to take out your frustration at the high cost of personal technology in 2017.

glock vs iphone x

The most wholesome, most affordable option is “my friendship and support,” which costs absolutely nothing.

iphone x vs friendship and support

The meme is ridiculously easy to participate in: all you have to do is come up with a random item under $1,000. It’s also based on one of the most widely known commodities in the world, the iPhone. This ease of use and recognition is already working against the meme, though: it has become mainstream or “normie.”

A meme begins to decline as soon as it’s widespread on Facebook because overexposure can lead to audiences getting tired of the meme and no longer finding it funny. You can tell for sure that this is happening when corporate social media accounts start copying the joke.

In the case of the iPhone X meme, it’s already too late. It’s been on the front page of Reddit, and the restaurant chain Texas Roadhouse is tweeting about it:

What can you buy for the same price as an iPhone X? Not a funny meme. Those are priceless.

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