A woman on her porch (L), a man talking onto a porch (C), and a man putting gloves on (R).


‘Do not play with your security’: Viral video shows would-be intruder following woman home with zip ties and gloves

'He tried breaking every window, shoving open my front door.'


Kahron Spearman

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Posted on Oct 29, 2021   Updated on Oct 29, 2021, 3:52 pm CDT

viral Instagram video shows a would-be intruder allegedly following a woman home and attempting to break in with gloves and zip ties.

Kezia Williams (@keziamw), an entrepreneur, finance expert, and influencer, posted video footage from her security doorbell camera on her Instagram account on Thursday.

“He tried breaking every window, shoving open my front door,” Williams wrote, adding that the incident took place on Tuesday. “He tore my balcony screen off. The attack lasted 15 min while I waited for the police. He fled before they arrived.”

The video shows her hurrying to take her dog off its leash and quickly moving into her home. The clip clearly shows a man trying to block the camera and not making make any attempt to hide his face. The video was also posted to Twitter.


Williams described the incident in the description, explaining that she “had just let my dog out. I heard him barking, and this man was standing in my front yard.

“Then he put on gloves and began to shove at my door attempting to force it open several times,” Williams continued.

She said he “tried to lift every window” and “tried to yank my balcony door open ripping my screen from its hinges.” She also said that when her neighbor was outside, the man pretended to water her grass so the neighbor wouldn’t be suspicious.

“When she went back inside, he again tried to push his way through my door again,” she wrote.

She said she was “absolutely terrified” as she called 911 from a locked room and watched the man from her external cameras.

“He didn’t carry a bag to steal things. And he didn’t care that 2 cars were parked in my driveway. He somehow knew I was alone,” Williams said. “My call log showed I waited 28 minutes for the police. He fled at minute 22 before police arrived or at least that’s when I texted my mom and let her know he finally started walking away.”

By her description, it’s possible the man had been casing Williams’ house with the intention of assault.

Williams implored to women specifically: “Do not play with your security. Every corner of my house caught this attack on my home that #GodForbid could have become an attack on my person. I own a taser. I own pepper spray. I will be buying door stops!! I will now register for a gun.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Williams for comment.

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*First Published: Oct 29, 2021, 2:32 pm CDT