The only thing left in Houston grocery stores now is vegan ‘meat’

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we’ve seen images of hope and charity amid the tragedy. Whether it’s celebrities like Kevin Hart donating $50,000, or just a guy bringing a reporter a six-pack of beer, people are stepping up to help out however they can.

But one image that’s gone viral has people a bit more confused. While many grocery stores aren’t even open, and the ones that are are running low on any number of items, it seems like vegan meat substitutes still aren’t an option for most Texans.

Comedian Matt Oswalt (younger brother of Patton Oswalt) seems to believe this is because of Texans famous love of red meat and Reddit, at least, seems to agree.

But people have pointed out that there are other factors at work that might explain the photo.

vegan food is expensive Screengrab via screenstupid/reddit

Someone even pointed out that meat might have played a role in the storm’s origin.

Given the high-protein content of vegan meat substitutes, it does seem somewhat surprising to see so many left on the shelves. Without more information, it’s pretty much impossible to say for sure why those tofu dogs are still there, so maybe it’s better to just let the subject drop.

Besides, there are bigger mysteries to solve.

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David Britton

David Britton

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