young woman eating nachos and cheese (l&r) taco bell sign (c)

‘They aren’t going to keep it’: Taco Bell customer eats 60 vegan nacho cheese cups in 1 week so they don’t take it off the menu

‘Taco Bell never keeps anything.’

On by Jack Alban

hand holding Stove Top Pork Stuffing at store caption 'that the stovetop pork is the flavor that is accidentally vegan' (l) person at store in stuffing section caption 'guys just a friendly reminder' (c) hand holding Stove Top Pork Stuffing at store caption 'that the stovetop pork is the flavor that is accidentally vegan' (r)

‘I would never in a million years [have] picked that up and read the ingredients’: Shopper says Stove Top pork is ‘accidentally’ vegan

‘Just a friendly reminder.’

On by Braden Bjella

A breakfast sandwich (L), a sign (C), and a girl (R).

‘I am lactose intolerant’: TikToker says Tim Hortons served vegan sandwhich with dairy cheese, sparking debate

‘We don’t do any type of vegan cheese.’

On by Lauren Castro

woman eating a macaron (l) woman smiling at her phone after taking bite (r)

‘Always tell us, we are vegan for a reason’: TikToker lets vegan friend eat non-vegan macaron because she looks ‘happy,’ sparking debate

‘This is not okay.’

On by Laiken Neumann

A woman pointing (l) a hand making lobster rolls

‘Get the heck out of here!’: Vegan ‘Karen’ destroys YouTubers’ lobster rolls

The two men spent hours catching lobster for their ‘catch and cook’ video.

On by Clara Wang

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‘All they’re hurting are the minimum wage workers that have to clean it up’: Viral TikTok shows vegan activist pouring red paint at KFC

Redditors pointed out the human toll.

On by Rachel Kiley

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TikTok bans That Vegan Teacher after homophobic, racist videos

She was accused of multiple community guidelines violations.

On by Rachel Kiley

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Popular TikTok vegan co-opts ‘I can’t breathe’ to protest animal cruelty

YouTuber D’Angelo Wallace called her out for racism and homophobia.

On by Rachel Kiley

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Vegan TikToker slammed for ‘animal lives matter’ video

‘I didn’t quite string my words together the right way.’

On by Samantha Shaps

person running

This vegan runner wants you to close your windows if you’re cooking meat

‘Quite honestly, the odor is offensive,’ the vegan wrote on Nextdoor.

On by Sierra Juarez

Daniel Vitalis ex vegan becomes hunter gatherer

Ex-vegan is now teaching others how to hunt for food

Well that’s a change.

On by Rachel Kiley

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Ex-vegan YouTuber accused of fraud after following meat-only diet

‘At this point, we are all just watching in awe of the contradictions you make every. single. video.’

On by Alexandra Samuels


Fans are surprisingly hyping Moby up for his new vegan tattoo

The musician got a double-sleeve tattoo to celebrate his ‘vegan anniversary.’

On by Tiffanie Drayton

Reddit boyfriend dairy creamer

Man secretly fed his vegan girlfriend dairy to see if she was lying about acne

There’s a reason she was drinking nondairy creamer.

On by Eilish O’Sullivan

rawvana vegan fish youtube

Facing criticism for eating fish, vegan YouTube star Rawvana speaks out

‘I decided to put my health first.’

On by Elizabeth VanMetre

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