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People are Googling Rihanna and their birthday in a Twitter challenge

We should throw the zodiac signs out the window and look to Rihanna instead. 


Gabrielle Sorto

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Rihanna is a music, fashion, beauty, and overall life icon. Personally, I’ve been looking to Rihanna for all answers for years. Now, people came to the realization over the weekend that we should throw the zodiac signs out the window and use her instead.

@ChipdNudePolish on Twitter tweeted “Google Rihanna and your birthday to see which outfit you get” on Sunday.

She told Teen Vogue she was inspired by another tweet going around that morning with Beyoncé’s best looks. “With Rihanna’s birthday on the horizon, I figured why not!” she said. The tweet went viral and now, everyone on Twitter is jumping on board.

I no longer care about my sun and moon sign. Rather than a Pisces, I am now Rihanna in a puffy coat and it makes more sense to me than any horoscope I’ve ever read.

People are sharing their results on Twitter and they are all amazing.



This goes to prove that Rihanna really does serve looks 365 days a year.

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