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‘I found four 1984 $50 bills at Half Price once’: Customers find $630 by checking suit pockets at the Goodwill

'I worked there 7 years we found money in suit jackets, pictures, couches, shoe boxes etc.'


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Posted on Sep 19, 2022   Updated on Sep 19, 2022, 9:22 am CDT

Thrifting can bring surprises. In 2007, a customer at a Nashville thrift store was shocked to discover a 184-year-old copy of the Declaration of Independence being sold for just $2.48. In June, a TikTok user found a gift she had made for her ex-boyfriend 10 years ago. And in July, a woman found $300 in a $7 Coach bag, along with a note explaining that the money was part of the previous owner’s inheritance.  

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Now, another story of a thrift store discovery has gone viral. In a video with over 1.8 million views, TikTok user Megan (@meganmeyer6752) claims she and her sister discovered $630 after looking through the pockets of suits at a Goodwill.

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“So I told my sister it would be fun to check suit pockets at the Goodwill,” Megan explains. “We found $630 in one single suit.”

In a TikTok DM exchange with Daily Dot, Megan gave further details about what happened.

“I go to Goodwills pretty often, usually around twice a week,” Megan explained. “My sister and I were about to leave and I said, ‘We should check suit pockets; I bet we would find something,’ so we stopped and looked through.”

“Pretty quickly, she gave me a look and her eyes got super big. I thought she was just messing with me. She grabbed it — it looked like maybe a 20 and a few ones. We bought our stuff and headed to the car. When she unfolded it, we were in shock,” she remembered.

“I didn’t expect the video to blow up,” she continued. “I’ve been thrifting ever since I was little. Just thought I’d share my clip because thrifting has blown up recently.”

While there were some questions of the true ownership of the money—Megan says she kept the money along with her sister, and laws on the issue vary from state to state—she also noted that she had previously asked employees about what to do if she found items in pockets. According to her, she was instructed to just keep it.

She also speculated that there may be another reason the money was there.

“A lot of people were calling me selfish, but I think the person intentionally put the money there when they donated the suit,” she wrote. “I’ve for sure given back to Goodwill and will continue to!”

In comments, users told their own stories of thrift store discoveries.

“Book are also a good place to look,” wrote one user. “I found four 1984 $50 bills at Half Price once.”

“Yeah I found 1500$ ina suit when I volunteered at a thrift store,” added another.

“My mom volunteered at a thrift shop and she found a little over 550 bucks in old 20 dollar bills. it was in a trench coat,” shared a third.

“This has happened to me with purses,” offered a further TikToker. “I’ve found three $20 bills throughout my life.”

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*First Published: Sep 19, 2022, 9:00 am CDT