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‘This is over $1????’: ‘Karen’ argues with workers over ‘2 for $5’ Gatorade deal not recognized by register

‘Folks be doing too much tryna tell you how to do your job.’


Natasha Dubash

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In a viral video, a gas station worker recorded her interaction with a rude “Karen” who was upset when her “2 for $5” deal on Gatorade wasn’t recognized by the register.

The reign of terror of “Karens” continues, and this time it’s over a Gatorade deal. User Trinity (@cxx.trin.cxx) uploaded the clip to her TikTok account on Oct. 15, and it’s since received over 168,000 views. 

@cxx.trin.cxx Fckn Karen’s bro😂 #fyp #lostandfound #lxf #landf #contenthouse #lostxfound #cxxtrincxx #karen ♬ original sound – Trinity

In the video, a woman’s voice can be heard saying, “It says, ‘Customer register didn’t register the 2 for 5 so that’s why the drawer’s short, easy.’” When Trinity and her co-worker, who’s also off-camera, tell the woman that she’s incorrect, the “Karen” continues to argue with them and insists that she knows how the Gatorade deal works better than they do.

The conversation gets so heated that Trinity’s colleague can be heard telling the woman, “We also have the legal right to refuse to do your service,” before asking her to leave. Again, the difficult customer tells the pair they’re wrong and that they can’t refuse her service. 

“The computer did not ring up the deal so there’s nothing we can do about that,” the workers explain to the woman, who then insists that the workers “ripped [her] off” for the Gatorade. The employees clarify that they’re trying to do the opposite by refunding her money.

“We’re just working here ma’am. We’re fairly new,” Trinity’s coworker says as she’s cut off by the “Karen” insisting that she’s trying to help them. “And we’re trying to help you,” the colleagues retorts. “We’re telling you that we can give you a refund and that’s it.”

Viewers on the social media app were predictably shocked but not surprised by the woman’s behavior when her Gatorade deal didn’t work. 

“Oh boy I have lots of similar stories. Someone tried to tell ME what the McDonald’s drink prices were. Ma’am I know. I’m an employee,” said one person, referring to the “Karen”‘s insistence that she knew better than the workers.

“Folks be doing too much tryna tell you how to do your job,” said another. 

“This is over $1????” a third person pointed out. 

Although no one said that the customer reacted appropriately about not getting her Gatorade deal, some felt that the workers should have given it to her. “I always thought you have to honor the advertised price,” one person said.

Another worker recalled their own experience with their store’s advertised deals. “At my work if there’s a sign or a tag still up and the sale expired we still have to give it to them, we just have to pull it down afterwards,” they said.

However, most people commended how well the workers handled the customer insisting her Gatorade deal be honored.

“Bro when I tell u I would have started giving the same attitude back my anger issues could never,” one viewer wrote. 

Another said, “Proud of you for remaining professional AND respecting yourself. Good job ladies.”

Users also called out the management of the gas station, saying that if the deal wasn’t valid, it shouldn’t be advertised. 

“No cause I work at a grocery store and this happens to me A LOT like it not my fault it kind grocer’s problem and not us cashiers,” said one comment which was liked by the creator. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Trinity via TikTok comment.

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