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‘Not trying to lose my liquor license because you don’t have an ID’: Bartender calls out ‘Karens’ who threw a fit after she wouldn’t let them in without identification

‘I can’t take pictures, and I can’t just go by your old face.”


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A bartender on TikTok is calling out a group of “Karens” who allegedly acted out after being told they couldn’t enter a karaoke bar without valid IDs.

User Santana Garcia (@maybesantana) posted a two-part story-time about her encounter with rude “Karens” with the first video amassing 2.2 million views. The second got over 547,000 views on the popular social media platform.

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As Santana says before diving into her story, “Buckle up.”

In the first video, Santana sets the scene. She says she was at her job on a busy Saturday night with a new girl working the door and a short-staffed bar. 

Before work got super busy, Santana introduced herself to the new girl and “just let her know that if I can do anything for her just let me know and I got her,” she says.

Soon, the bar was packed and the new girl asked Santana whether there was a manager on duty. The new employee explained that there was a group of four women and one man outside the bar. “They’re trying to come in without any ID’s,” Santana recalls.

The TikToker says she went to handle the issue, telling the group that as per company policy, she can’t let them in without a valid ID. She even went on to list every type of state-issued ID that they will accept, including a passport, estate ID, driver’s license, military ID, or the myColorado app.

“I can’t take pictures, and I can’t just go by your old face,” Santana clarifies for TikTok.

Rather than try another bar, the leader of the group of “Karens” starts to argue with Santana about their lack of IDs.

According to Santana, the woman said, “Sweetie, I don’t think you understand. You’re only supposed to ID people who are under 21… I never get a night away from my children… I’m not underage. You have to let us in.”

Santana claims she reiterated to the women that she has to ID everyone that goes into the bar. She even pointed out a printed list of rules that clearly states this is the company’s policy and not Santana just enforcing arbitrary regulations.

Unfortunately for Santana, the ID-less “Karens” weren’t having it. The women allegedly began “talking shit” about her and the apparent leader of the group again says that she has kids and that she wants to come in for a drink and to do karaoke.

But Santana stands her ground. “I’m actually going to have to ask you to leave,” she says.

@maybesantana Replying to @maybesantana i wonder where they ended up drinking that niight #karen #bartender #storytime ♬ original sound – santana

This leads to a stare-down between Santana and the leader of the group. One of the “Karens” tried to get away with a picture of her ID, which Santana repeatedly explained is not a valid form of ID that the bar can accept.

Eventually, Santana says, she suggests they try their luck at another establishment. Then, she claims a “Karen” who has been staring her down gets “really fucking close to [her] face,” while two of the other women try to sneak past into the bar.

This is when Santana got fed up. “We’re not doing this,” she responded.

Santana says she asked the women without ID to leave the bar again. After some more arguing—during which the woman claims there are underage children in the bar—they finally left.

However, Santana claims that one of the members of their party stuck his head in the doorway with a final message. “I just want you to know that you‘re gonna be missing out on hundreds and hundreds of dollars tonight because of this bad decision,” he allegedly said.

Luckily Santana had a perfect comeback. “Don’t worry, we’re definitely going to make that back in at least like 20 minutes,” she says.

Viewers were not too shocked by the attitude of this group of “Karens.”

“I am 44 and STILL take my ID if there is even a chance I may order a drink. They have no reason to act so entitled,” one user said.

“Love it. I don’t know why people think I can get in to a bar with out ID. Not trying to lose my liquor license because you don’t have an ID,” another said.

“At 47, I’m mildly disappointed if I’m NOT ID’d,” a third joked.

For viewers wondering why Santana couldn’t just turn a blind eye to the situation, she claims in the first video that Colorado has one of the most strict ID policies of any state. She claims some bars even refuse vertical IDs, even though they are state-issued.

Many also praised Santana’s ability to maintain her composure in the face of rude guests.

“I’m not even gonna lie I wouldn’t have had your patience to handle that as gracefully as you did,” a commenter wrote on the second video.

The Daily Dot reached out to Santana via Instagram direct message.

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