Guy gets roasted for asking what ‘female’ can cook a basic breakfast



A dude on Twitter user is getting roasted over a tweet that questions the capabilities of women to make a very simple breakfast.

The user, @djseanblaze601, asked Twitter, “what female can cook like that?” accompanied by two shrugging emoji and a photo of an apparently home-cooked breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, bacon, grits, french toast, and cinnamon rolls.

The answer to his question? Literally everyone.

Responders on Twitter pointed out that the meal pictured is extremely easy to make, and that basic breakfast food is hardly considered cooking.

Others critiqued the meal itself. More than anything, people were mad that the eggs appeared to be blanketed with a slice of cheese.

And some non-Americans were confused about the whole plate.

Many also took issue with @djseanblaze601’s use of the word “female,” as part of a larger debate on whether the use of the word is offensive or not. As Kara Brown wrote for Jezebel, addressing women as “females” can be dehumanizing and is often “used to imply inferiority or contempt.”

On the bright side, if @djseanblaze601 is really just looking for a partner to cook him breakfast, it shouldn’t be that hard to find one. He just might want to eat some fruits and vegetables, too.


Alexis Tatum

Alexis Tatum

Alexis Tatum studies journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. She's an editorial intern with the Daily Dot. Her work has appeared in Orange magazine and the Daily Texan.