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People love this epic customer takedown by Costco—only it’s not real

A Facebook post shows Costco dragging a customer named Sharon after she complained about its mask policy.


Mikael Thalen

Internet Culture

An alleged Facebook post making the rounds online purports to show Costco dragging a customer for decrying its face mask policy.

A user named Sharon can be seen sending a comment to the wholesaler stating that she “will not shop at Costco until you remove your mandatory mask rule!”

Costco, which instituted the policy in April in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, responds by mocking the woman.

“Thank you for taking such a brave stand, Sharon,” the retail store says. “We look forward to the documentary they will make about you some day.

Sharon shoots back by accusing the brand of being unprofessional before demanding a refund for her membership.

“We’ve chosen not to refund you,” Costco replies.

As it turns out, however, the screenshot is fake. The back-and-forth never actually took place and cannot be found on Costco’s Facebook page.

The image, as reported by Snopes, originated from comedian Ben Palmer, who has a long history of imitating major brands.

The Costco image first appeared on a fake customer service page run by Palmer, titled “Hope this Helps.”

Palmer’s website includes numerous screenshots of other faux interactions between angry customers and major companies as well.

The comedian has created fake Facebook conversations that include notable entities such as the U.S. Space Force, Blockbuster Video, Apple, and Walmart.


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