dick butt pokemon

Photo via Dickbuttemon/Tumblr

This is their final form.

The heyday of Dick Butt, the legendary KC Green comic-turned-meme that is at once a dick and a butt (with an extra dick sticking out of the butt), is well behind us. But, like dicks and butts themselves, Dick Butt has a way of popping up every now and then, wherever true inspiration strikes.

The latest additions to the Dick Butt canon come courtesy of deviantART‘s Chlorose, who has endeavored to illustrate a Dick Butt version of every Pokémon. The glorious results fill both a Facebook page and a Tumblr.

Behold, the Dickbuttémon.

[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/dickbuttemon/photos/a.603864526463083.1073741830.593591914157011/603864489796420/?type=3 embed.]
[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/dickbuttemon/posts/593592427490293 embed.]

Is there any Pokémon that cannot be Dick Butted? Unlikely. Shame you can’t actually catch these—you’ll have to wait for the Dick & Butt expansion.

H/T Dorkly

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