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Duolingo memes are here to remind you to practice your Spanish

Have you done your Spanish today?


Nahila Bonfiglio

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The Duolingo owl is coming for us all.

Anyone who has signed on to this language-learning app is familiar with its insistent little mascot. Have you practiced your Spanish yet? Today you’ll learn conjunctions and maybe an idiom or two. Unless you fail to sign on before the day’s conclusion, which summons the owl. THE OWL.

The owl does not forgive easily. He sends constant reminders. To your phone, to your email. He knocks on your door and whispers fluent Spanish in your cat’s ear, turning her against you. He is everywhere. The Duolingo Twitter account recently posted a photo that captured its adorable winged owl in all of his haunting glory. Alongside a shadowy, lurking Duo—yes, that’s his name—were the words “coming soon.” Is that a threat?

It took no time for people to begin poking fun at the creepy—yet incredibly apt—depiction of the Duolingo owl. In no time, the memes came flooding in.


Some people thought the ominous lighting was a hint toward a dark mode, but Duolingo quickly quelled that rumor.

Apparently, the app has realized that Duo’s gentle little reminders aren’t enough. It’s time for action. The app offers courses in 24 different languages, which means this little owl can threaten you in two dozen different tongues.




Were you aware that you can learn High Valyrian on Duolingo? Why the hell am I wasting my time learning Italian when I could be commanding my dog to breathe fire?






We still don’t know what Duolingo was plugging with its “coming soon” tweet, but in the meantime enjoy the memes. And for God’s sake, do your damn Spanish!


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