President Donald Trump and Dr. Anthony Fauci at a White House press briefing

White House (Public Domain)

Dr. Fauci facepalms during Trump’s coronavirus briefing

The president had just finished referring to the State Department as the ‘Deep State Department.’


Mikael Thalen

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President Donald Trump’s chaotic approach to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic briefly got the best of Dr. Anthony Fauci on Friday during a White House press conference.

Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has made a name for himself by being the adult in the room when discussions of COVID-19 take place at the federal level.

The 79-year-old expert has reportedly been working 19-hour days in an effort to provide the public with level-headed analysis and accurate information, offsetting the often false and exaggerated claims made by the president.

The stress may have momentarily gotten to Fauci after Trump referred to the State Department as the “Deep State Department” during the briefing.

“Secretary of State Pompeo is extremely busy so if you have any question for him right now, could you do that?” Trump said. “Because you know what I’d like to do, I’d like for him to go back to the State Department, or as they call it, the Deep State Department. You know, Mike.”

Fauci appears to momentarily hold back laughter before facepalming at the bizarre situation.

The health professional’s reaction immediately resonated with Twitter, who likewise related to Fauci’s apparent frustration.

“Dr. Fauci has been a hero of mine for a very long time but what a MOOD!” user @william_goedel wrote.

Others noted that the moment even caused Fauci to inadvertently break health guidelines that as Americans not to touch their face.

“Dr. Fauci violates his own advice by putting his face in his hand as President Trump refers to the ‘Deep State Department,’” @mikememoli noted.

“You can almost see Dr. Fauci’s soul leave his body,” @atrupar added.

On behalf of all Americans, hang in there Dr. Fauci.


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