Dan Rather explains Internet slang with the staid voice of a professional newsman

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Throughout his storied career, veteran TV anchorman Dan Rather has covered everything from the Kennedy assassination to 9/11. He has seen it all—except when it comes to Internet slang.

BuzzFeedYellow tapped the former host of the CBS Evening News to explain—and in many cases discover—the Web’s hippest, hottest words and phrases. Rather was pretty on point when it came to “lit,” but it quickly became obvious that “bae” and “thirsty” were well beyond his expertise.

Nevertheless, his dry sense of humor never waned. Dan Rather is bae.

Screengrab via BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube

Mike Fenn

Mike Fenn

Mike Fenn is a former contributor to the Daily Dot whose beats included Reddit, YouTube, and all things WTF. His work has also appeared in Forbes and News.com.au.