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Actor who quarantined in ‘Final Destination’ now quarantining over coronavirus

‘I’m doing that right f*cking now, in real life!’


Brooke Sjoberg

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A Final Destination star has found himself quarantined again, but this time, it’s not for a movie.

Two decades after the release of Final Destination, Devon Sawa tweeted that he is quarantining IRL to avoid the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Final Destination was released 20 years ago today,” Sawa tweeted on Tuesday. “Remember that death scene in the movie where I quarantined myself in that cabin so death couldn’t get me? I’m doing that right fucking now, in real life!”

Replies to his tweet are mostly concerned with the many ways the Final Destination franchise has scarred them.

Final Destination is still one of my favorite films, all these years later,” Twitter user @VonBitchPants wrote. “It certainly cemented my distrust of planes.”

Others are more concerned about driving behind semi-trucks and logging trucks.

“Thanks to this series I will never drive behind a semi truck in peace,” Twitter user @getoverhere17 wrote.

Some typical kitchen items are also not to be trusted either, apparently.

“Did not help my fear of the garbage disposal either,” Twitter user @omskivar wrote.

The takeaway? Final Destination has made people all too aware of the many ways they can die for 20 years.

“Glad we all cultivated totally normal, health and rational levels of fear of the everyday contrivances of modern life that are in no way totally debilitating to our ability to cope or function,” Twitter user @Lovestoned wrote.


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