People are very disturbed by this oddly sexual chicken prep video

People are either creeped out or a little too into a chicken prep cooking video that has been making the rounds on Twitter. The video was originally posted to the Chefclub YouTube channel on March 26. It’s entitled “Cordon bleu deluxe ! c’est chaud chaud chaud :)” and as you can see it’s oddly… erotic doesn’t seem like quite the right word. Well, you be the judge.

Warning this video is NSFW… maybe. Who knows?

Some people chose to take the video to task for its lack of seasoning, a problem that Twitter users have addressed in the past.

Others felt that twenty minutes at 340 degrees was not nearly enough time to thoroughly cook the chicken all the way through.

But most people found the video disturbing for a whole different reason.

A quick google search for “Chicken Cordon Blue recipe” shows that most sites recommend flattening the chicken breast and rolling the ham and cheese up inside of it, so Chefclub’s, um, fingering method does seem to be a bit of an anomaly.

Let’s be fair, though. Not everyone cooks in the same way. The important thing is that you enjoy yourself, which, as you can tell by the video, this person clearly did.

chicken prep money shot Chefclub/YouTube

David Britton

David Britton

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