Three panel screenshot of a TikTok from a Chick-fil-A employee reading out funny customer orders. The left and right panel show orders that say "mac and cheese with a straw" and ordering a sandwich with "medium rare" chicken. The center panel shows the entire wall of customer order stickers.


‘Chick-fil-A guests be wildin’: Worker roasts customer orders in viral TikTok

'Mac and cheese with a straw.'


Jennifer Xia

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Published Jun 15, 2021   Updated Jun 18, 2021, 11:41 am CDT

An employee at Chick-fil-A shared in a viral TikTok video the funniest customer orders they receive, from “mac and cheese with a straw” to “medium-rare chicken.”

TikTok user @etherealloverboy uploaded more than 20 videos featuring customer orders, with one garnering more than 327,000 views alone. Each video shows a wall filled with customer order stickers that some people online have dubbed a “shrine.”

“The shrine is only just beginning,” the creator replied in a comment. “Wait until they see my mac n’ cheese sign.”

The customer orders range from absurd requests to simply hilarious misspellings. One customer ordered a grilled sandwich with seven times the amount of tomatoes, while another ordered a spicy deluxe sandwich with “motorcycle.”

“Did it work?” one user joked. “Did he get a motorcycle? I’ve been looking for one.”

After receiving multiple questions on what a “red flag” meant for an order, the creator explained that a red flag creates a note for the employee on something important about the order that needs to be followed. 

However, some red flags appear to be more comical than normal, such as requests for not stale cookies. 

“Red flag with extra napkins,” one user commented. “Why did someone order my ex.”

People online said they love the series and shared their own funny customer order stories.

“I had an order with 128 sauces for 1 sandwich meal,” one user commented. “I don’t miss cfa.”

Others said they now felt comforted by their usual requests when ordering food.

“Well dang, now I won’t feel guilty about requesting ‘no end pieces pls’ in my waffle fries,” one user commented. 

The Daily Dot was unable to reach the TikTok creator for a request for comment.

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*First Published: Jun 15, 2021, 3:10 pm CDT