calm a karen down

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‘Calm A Karen Down’ hashtag offers memes but few helpful suggestions

So, how do you do it?

Jun 30, 2020, 3:25 pm

Internet Culture

Siobhan Ball 

Siobhan Ball

With lockdown measures in place, outbreaks of Karen-ing are also on the rise. Fortunately, Twitter is here to help, with the viral hashtag #CalmAKarenDown full of tips on what to do when an angry wealthy white lady starts screaming about managers or realizes the whole world doesn’t revolve around her after all.

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"Be afraid be very afraid! Nobody is going to make Karen wear a mask like some sex slave commie! 🦝   #CalmAKarenDown 😷#WearYourMaskFL 🦠#WearADamnMask 🧼" image of a Karen style American girl doll with the tag 'she's an independant thinker who refuses to wear a mask in public places"
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"Better find a way to #CalmAKarenDown, because we all know what happened to the OG Karen back in 1939" Gif of Mrs Gulch from wizard of Oz cycling
"Beware of wild Karens! Warning sign" over screenshot of post where woman asks how she can stop local school children calling her Karen and mocking her 'chic' hair
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Started by hashtag gamers @Radstags, #CalmAKarenDown seems to have been the hashtag game the internet was waiting for because there are just so many suggestions.

Hi!  Let's play #CalmAKarenDown!  It seems like Karens are more upset than usual lately. Tell us what's the best way to deescalate or at least, soothe a Karen until she goes away.  With your pal, Rad👋
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#CalmAKarenDown Karens have been known to become quite aggressive when confronted with a reality they think they do not deserve.For Effective Karen Management offer her something for free that she already feels entitled to: Nutella or White Claw.
"#CalmAKarenDown just spray some essentials oils" over image of an oil diffuser
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Some were pessimistic.

Can you really #CalmAKarenDown

However others were convinced that with the right pharmaceutical interventions Karen will calm right down.

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Not sure how to #CalmAKarenDown as I’m pretty sure she has a high Valium tolerance.
It takes a lot of Xanax to #CalmAKarenDown
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With boxed wine featuring as a popular alternative.

#CalmAKarenDown hand her a box of wine
#CalmAKarenDown give her a box of cheap wine and a straw.
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Throw that bitch her boxed wine  #CalmAKarenDown

Some experts say we only have to wait until pumpkin spice season in autumn and their behavior will calm right down.

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#CalmAKarenDown  ☕️☕️BREAKING:☕️☕️  We may see a reduction in aggressive behaviors associated with Karen’s as early as Fall, researchers say.   #psl #pumpkinspice

While others were focused on producing helpful guides to the different subtypes and life stages of Karen’s you might find in the wild.

"Pick one #CalmAKarenDown" Images of white women at different ages with different names
"Let's not forget that there are levels to this sh*t. #CalmAKarenDown" Gif of women with Karen hair cuts at different ages assigning them levels from 1 to 50

Some Twitter users were disappointed as they’d been hoping for more practical suggestions on Karen wrangling in the wild.

I was so fucking hopeful for this hashtag, thought mfs was gon show me how to survive these encounters #CalmAKarenDown

But honestly, the memes were pretty good so it all evens out.

"#CalmAKarenDown ... or don’t." a cartoon drawing of Karen calling 911 on people for being black, then daring them to put it online, then crying at the response
"Just release her. #CalmAKarenDown" over picture of a Kraken wearing a Karen wig
"The only real way to #CalmAKarenDown is to open school again. They're struggling with having to raise their own kids. 🤣" gif of Will and Grace's Karen holding boxed wine and saying "look I brought juice boxes"


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*First Published: Jun 30, 2020, 3:25 pm