Turns out you can order a Burger King Whopper with 718 pickles

There’s food porn and then there’s, well, this. Purchased by Japanese writer P.K. Sanjun and his coworkers for the low price of $89, this Burger King Whopper came with 718 sliced pickles and weighed 3.7 pounds. 


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Like, imagine the conversation that even led to this purchase:

“Hey dude, let’s order a Whopper with a bunch of sliced pickles.”

“How much is ‘a bunch?’”

“Exactly 718.”



A photo posted by PKサンジュン (@p.k.sanjun) on

Apparently this isn’t the first time Sanjun and his pals have placed a ridiculous order at Burger King. They’ve gotten a Whopper with 100 slices of onion, another with 1,000 slices of cheese, and one with 1,050 slices of bacon.

What will they think of next? Maybe a Whopper with 15 meat patties? A Whopper made of french fries (or McRibs)? A Whopper with 300 of those black buns that turn your poop green? Whatever the answer, the cashier at Burger King is sure to get a kick out of it.

H/T Distractify | Photo via @p.k.sanjun/Instagram

Elijah Watson

Elijah Watson

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