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In apology letter, ‘Bean Dad’ says he regrets his anti-Semitic tweets, story about his daughter

He was just being ironic. Apparently.


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In the inevitable, unwise conclusion to the Bean Dad saga, John Roderick has issued a 1,000-word apology via his personal website.

The bean dad fundamentally misunderstands the nature of being the main character if he thought a thousand word apology was the next play in the playbook. My guy, main characters don’t apologize, the camera simply shifts to another person, and the discourse just moves on

For those who’ve somehow managed to miss the story of the first main character of 2021, John Roderick, now forever known as Bean Dad, shot to fame with his 23-part tweet thread recounting how he refused to feed his child for six hours until she figured out how to use a can opener without any assistance or instructions. Shockingly, when people did a not-even-particularly-deep dive of his Twitter, Bean Dad was exposed for the second time as someone absolutely in love with using racial slurs and spouting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

'This dude was the Twitter main character all along, we just weren’t paying attention' Four screenshots of Rodericks tweets '@ohmeags the 4th has been perverted by activist (Jew) judges and mud-people apologists. The founders intended USA as white homeland.' 'Your attempt at furry anime cuteness does not conceal your gaunt meth-y haggardness, cyborg muppet transgender person' 'Every time I use a word like 'gay' or 'retarded' some gay retard reminds me those words are hurtful' '@BaileyJayShow Jews ruin everybody's fun'
'Oh. No wonder he hates her...look at this.' four screenshots of John Roderick's tweets. One saying '@daveanthony I'm going to rape you the next time I see you. Bad rape, not funny rape.' Another saying '@daveanthony would you like me to rape you with a gun' a third saying '@Thesulk that was a consensual rape' and finally 'BaileyJayShow Jews ruin everyone's fun'

Though he made a valiant attempt to double down and justify his behaviour in the face of the initial backlash, Bean Dad cracked and deleted his Twitter last night. But today, he released a very long apology for both his racist past and concerning parenting behaviour.

'Wow, I agree. Big ups to bean dad for apologizing and understanding. Proud of you, bean dad. Bean dad.' embedded tweet from @aquinton: I think John’s apology is good.

In the letter, Bean Dad apologized for “having precipitated more hurt in the world, for having prolonged or exacerbated it by fighting back and being flippant when confronted, and for taking my Twitter feed offline yesterday instead of facing the music.” He claimed that while the version of the story he told on Twitter didn’t reflect the reality—his daughter had snacks while she worked, there was a lot of laughter, etc.—and his “pedant Dad” character was exactly that, just a bit he was doing, he sees now that it reflected the reality for many abuse victims growing up.

Saw #BeanDad’s “apology” and I don’t buy it. That’s too many details to have left out & it’s mighty convenient to have a persona to blame this on. See also the things he’s said in the past that he tries to sweep under the rug with the same excuses. Hard pass on the fauxpology.
The ridiculous part about his 'apology' is that he was confronted immediately about his abuse and spent well over 48 hours defending himself and calling others out for being offended. Then he gets labeled 'Bean Dad' and he goes back and see his error. He can fuck off.

Bean Dad went on to address his past use of racial slurs and anti-Semitism, as well as repeated rape jokes throughout his Twitter feed, claiming “all of those tweets were intended to be ironic, sarcastic. I thought then that being an ally meant taking the slurs of the oppressors and flipping them to mock racism, sexism, homophobia, and bigotry.” Eventually, he says, friends persuaded him that “my status as a straight white male didn’t permit me to ‘repurpose’ those slurs as people from disenfranchised communities might do. They were injurious regardless of my intent, because the words themselves have power and because actual violence is often prefaced by people saying, ‘I’m not racist, but…’” He says he has stopped using such language.

Roderick explains the Bean Dad thing and the anti-Semitism and so on by citing his 'comedic asshole dad' persona. What if -- hear me out on this -- being an asshole isn't funny?

Not everyone believes his apology however, with some Twitter users saying his “fake” persona is too close to the reality of abuse for it to be a believable accident. Similarly, when it came to his love of racial slurs and bigotry, many aren’t buying that he ever truly believed he was fighting those things by using them ironically.

Here’s why I don’t trust Bean Dad’s apology. He says all the right words and I really WANT to take it at face value, but he also talks about how the persona he “created” isn’t who he really is, & he makes sure to tell us that he and his child laughed a lot during the Bean Ordeal I don’t believe you can create an abusive parent persona by accident. I also don’t trust anyone who says “I wasn’t abusing X, X was enjoying it, they laughed!” for reasons that should be obvious.
Bean Dad issued an apology but it sounds suspiciously to me like “Sorry I triggered abuse victims by ‘abusing’ my daughter. I totally didn’t realize it was abuse because I’ve never been abused. Not sorry I did it to her, just sorry I triggered you guys.” Face with rolling eyesFace with rolling eyesFace with rolling eyes
I am a listener and fan. #BeanDad is the first time someone's 'comedy' actually felt damaging to me . He perfectly described a child abuse scenario thinking it was comedy gold. That people don't recognize what he described as abuse is the problem. The outrage is correct.
There is such a tonal shift between the Bean Dad and Brainworms Racist sections of the apology that I don't trust it at all. I'm surprised by the real introspection here but going away for a while and coming back with a softer façade seems like some N*ck R*binson shit.

Meanwhile, in further bean-related news (just to confuse the timeline) British actor Rowan Atkinson, better known as Mr. Bean, has also released a letter today. Atkinson’s letter rails against “cancel culture” and so-called internet mobs, with the name and the timing leading many to confuse him with Bean Dad, and others to ask the question: Did he write this because he thought the nickname Bean Dad was about him?

'Wait, does he think he’s Bean Dad?' Embedded twee @varietyt: 'Mr. Bean' star Rowan Atkinson has weighed in on 'cancel culture': 'It’s important that we’re exposed to a wide spectrum of opinion, but what we have now is the digital equivalent of the medieval mob roaming the streets looking for someone to burn.'
he’s just upset about bean dad
Raise your hand if you woke up and saw everyone was pissed off at Mr Bean and just assumed he was being confused with Bean Dad.

And some enterprising Twitter users have invented the Bean Dad or Beansdale Test, which involves asking your father how he’d handle the situation of a nine-year-old not knowing how to use a can opener to see whether he is in fact a reasonable human being or an intolerable ass. Maybe that will be Roderick’s lasting legacy.

'Good news, my dad passed the Bean Dad test.' screenshots of a text conversation with OP in pink and her father in grey. OP: If I came up to you, 9 years old, with a can of beans and a can opener and told you I was hungry but didn't know how to use the can opener, what would you do? OP's father: I would start the process for you, open it a little, then have you try it. Now if you were 15 I might say 'look at the opener, look at the can. How do you think it should be opened?' and if you struggled, then I use the same method with the 15 year old, as I did with the 9 year old
'Does your dad pass the Beanchdel test' screenshot of a text conversation between OP in blue and her father in grey OP: If I was 8 and didn't know how to open a can with a can opener, how would you suggest I learn. OP's father: Take a can, an opener, start the opening, let you finish. Give you another can, let you start yourself. Help if necessary.
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