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Artist and activist Meg shows the world how to live your best authentic life

Inspired by intersectionality, Meg designs art to inspire a world where people are free to live their most authentic lives.



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Artist and activist Meg, known as @megemikoart on Instagram, started their creative journey while at the mall.

“I used to walk through the mall, searching for clothes that felt like me, and I never once walked into a clothing store and felt seen or represented,” Miko explained. “Whether it was in the types of apparel, designs on the clothes, or even the mannequins.”

As much as it was about expression, creating was also about feeling whole in the world. For Meg, wearing their own designs was life-changing.

“Creating and wearing the apparel I’ve designed has made me feel so much gender euphoria because the designs and types of clothing feel like they represent me and the part of my identity that I had suppressed for so long,” they explained.

Now Meg aims to spread the freeing feelings of inclusion, representation, and love to QTBIPOC and LGBTQIA+ people through their art.

We spoke with Meg about art, inspiration, and their work to create a safe space for every human to live life as their most authentic selves.

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Trans Happiness Ahead

Daily Dot: How does your life experience as a trans Asian American influence your art?

Meg: “I really want to be the representation and person I needed when I was younger. Combining my passions and sharing my experiences as an Asian American trans non-binary artist and activist is how I hope to create a safe space for those who have unsupportive families, or feel alone as they explore their gender and sexuality. My art has been greatly influenced by the intersectionality of my identity, as I’ve finally allowed myself to freely express myself in a creative way that feels most like me.”

D: A lot of your art is focused on empowering and uplifting the youth of QTBIPOC and LGBTIA+. Who inspires you? What do you hope your fans will take from your work?

M: “My grandma was one of my best friends, and she always inspired me to follow my dreams of pursuing art and a career that I was passionate about. After she got out of the Japanese American Internment Camps of WWII, she had to give up her dreams of pursuing art and music to work and help support her family. Her entire journey has always inspired me to follow my dreams and passions.”

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Support Human Rights

“I hope that folks in my community and QTBIPOC and LGBTQIA+ youth feel inspired by my journey of becoming the best version of myself. I want folks to hear my story and feel comforted and safe to be their true selves in a world that tries so hard to force us all into very specific cookie-cutter shapes.”

D: What is the most important thing you’ve learned that might be of use to other upcoming artists and creators?

M: “One of the most important things I’ve learned during my journey of pursuing art full-time is that we humans are all so different. We all have our own feelings, emotions, and experiences that make us who we are today and influence the kind of person we’d like to grow up to be.

You just never know when a little bit of your story or experience may overlap or resonate with someone else’s and that’s one of the reasons why it’s so special to be an artist and creator. This journey connects you to so many people and so many different communities. After I learned this, I felt so much more courage to freely express myself—just on the off chance that I may make at least one person feel a little less alone in this world.”

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Pride on Earth

D: Tell us something about one of the images you’ve selected for an NFT. What’s the story behind it?

M: “My ‘Trans Happiness Ahead‘ design is one of my all-time favorites because it represents how far I’ve come and all the hope I have for my future. I spent so much of my life feeling very sad and ashamed for being me. After coming out and allowing myself to explore my gender, I’ve been able to feel all of that trans happiness, and I’ve never smiled more in my life. I hope that folks see this design and feel hopeful for their future as well.”

Meg has launched their NFTs on the NFT platform, Voice, where they can continue to remind us that living our authentic selves is a liberating, freeing experience that we all deserve. Click here to purchase.

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I’m an Asian American trans non-binary artist and activist. My art and advocacy work is centered around helping folks in the QTBIPOC and LGBTQIA(plus) community feel seen, heard, represented, and loved.

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