McDonald's Halloween Happy Meal white buckets in bin caption 'mannn made me work a 10hr shift I made the whole stock out of the buckets we sold out in 2hrs' (l) McDonald's sign in front of blue sky (c) McDonald's customers waiting in line caption 'mannn made me work a 10hr shift I made the whole stock out of the buckets we sold out in 2hrs' (r)

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‘Y’all crazy over a Happy Meal’: McDonald’s worker spends 10-hour shift stocking Halloween Pails only for them to sell out in 2 hours

“It’s so annoying when people come at the second window and is like ‘I actually wanted the green bucket.'”


Braden Bjella

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Earlier in the year, McDonald’s announced it was bringing back its customer-favorite Halloween Pails for a limited time.

Employees were vocal about the extra work preparing these buckets involved. Some shared videos showing their surprise at the sheer number of buckets they were expected to prepare; others documented the tedium of assembling them.

Now, a McDonald’s employee had gone viral after recounting the entire Halloween Pail preparation and selling process.

In a video with over 83,000 views, TikTok user Matt (@ghostyfx) says he worked a “10hr shift” in order to assemble his location’s pails. The video also shows a packed drive-thru line and boxes of unfilled buckets.

In the end, Matt claims the store sold out in two hours.

@ghostyfx yall crazy over a happymeal 😂🤣 #mcdonalds ♬ original sound – smokinaftereat

Commenters and alleged McDonald’s employees chimed in in the comments section to say that their stores had similar experiences.

“We had 8 boxes and sold out hella fast,” wrote one user.

“We had 9 boxes,each with 108 pales and only had 2 boxes left by the end of the day,” recalled another.

“Dawg they had me in the back in our crew room for my entire shift making the buckets no joke,” claimed a third.

“Bro had me doin both lanes and cash out during rush,” alleged a fourth.

Other alleged employees and customers vented further frustrations about the Halloween Pail experience.

“I literally just wanted one and I was so mad showing up and all these moms with one kid had ordered 5 or 6 thinking they’d get different buckets,” stated a commenter.

“No because it’s so annoying when people come at the secound winodw and is like ‘i actually wanted the green bucket,’” shared a user. “Like [girl] you don’t get to choose the bucket. and we will already have it done and we’ll have to switch them just because they want a differnt bucket.”

The Daily Dot reached out to McDonald’s via email and Matt via Instagram direct message.

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