Feds take down dark web’s largest known child porn site
Hundreds of arrests have been made.
Texas police officer fatally shoots Black woman in her own home 
Police were performing a wellness check on Atatiana Jefferson.
Lost memory card holding footage of murder led to suspect’s arrest
The memory card was titled 'Homicide at midtown Marriott.'
Vegan reports friends who fed her real chicken nuggets to police
In many states, food tampering is a felony.
#Justice4JoshuaBrown trends after witness in Amber Guyger murder trial killed 
'He was ambushed at his apartment complex as he got out of his car and shot at close range.'
Amber Guyger’s guilty verdict isn’t enough
Guyger is still the exception, not the rule.
GoFundMe for homeless opera singer raises more than $20K (updated)
LAPD tweeted a video showing her singing in a subway station.
Pro-police Facebook page that spread misinformation was being run from Kosovo
The page had over 170,000 fans before Facebook took it down.
Fitness influencer faked a kidnapping, made hundreds of fake Instagrams to intimidate rivals
Tammy Steffen has been sentenced to five years in prison.
The LAPD ran a recruitment ad on far-right website Breitbart (updated)
After backlash, the LAPD opened an investigation into the matter.
When gay Black men disappear, who is held accountable?
It took two men’s deaths and two years to start holding Ed Buck accountable.
People are outraged that a 6-year-old was arrested for a temper tantrum
The arresting officer has been suspended.
Beto O’Rourke says he opposes police use of facial recognition tech
O'Rourke joins other 2020 hopefuls in criticizing the use of the technology in law enforcement.
Video shows cop mocking Black ninth-grader who was detained at bus stop
'Remember you were shaking in the police car.'
A Missouri officer resigned after his Islamophobic Facebook posts surfaced
'I get to choose whom I dislike, and it just so happens to be all Muslims and their beliefs.'
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