Russian Tor relay operator facing terrorism charges
Activists call the charges a 'gross misunderstanding' of how Tor works.
How Fitbit data helped police track down a Connecticut woman’s real killer
It took police over a year to piece together this complicated timeline of a murder.
This teen wore the faces of police brutality on her prom dress
Around 15 victims' faces are printed on the dress.
Hate crime, arson charges dropped for Maryland teens who allegedly burned Trump sign
An ACLU attorney called the hate crime charges 'nonsensical.'
Minnesota police make a laugh-out-loud funny 4/20 joke on Twitter
Even the cops are getting a laugh on 420
1 in 5 millennials prefer government spying to partner snooping
The majority of participants were averse to state surveillance.
Senate probe into Obama admin. ‘unmasking’ efforts is being overblown, sources say
Senate sources say there's no evidence to show the Obama administration acted improperly.
Officer who tackled, hit a black man for jaywalking is now on leave
'Oh my God, why you hitting him like that?' a witness recalls.
FBI obtained secret warrant to surveil Trump adviser linked to Russia
Carter Page, once Trump foreign policy advisor, was accused of acting as an agent of a foreign power.
Officer stomps on the head of a handcuffed black man in disturbing video
The involved officer was recently under investigation in the shooting death of another black man.
Man argues that the worst injustice about the United fiasco is filming without consent
'Why aren't the passengers who filmed the incident...not in FBI custody?'
Florida sheriff posts most disturbing anti-heroin PSA ever
It's eerily reminiscent of an ISIS video.
The truth about those ‘free’ police body cameras
This marketing stunt worked brilliantly.
TASER rebrands, distances itself from shock-weapons in new police body-camera push
TASER is now Axon and is offering every officer a free one-year trial camera. Is there a drawback?
Local police’s pun game is on point after lettuce heist
This brings new meaning to the phrase 'word salad.'