Warrant issued for suspect in HBO hacking case
Federal prosecutors are unable to arrest the alleged hacker while he remains in Iran.
Venmo’s biggest rival now supports buying and selling Bitcoin
Only a small group of customers can use the feature.
Judge in Meek Mill case reportedly under investigation by the FBI
Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Colin Kaepernick, and more have spoken out against the 'harsh sentence.'
Police in Montana are passing out turkeys instead of tickets this month
The police department found a new way to spread holiday cheer.
Hate crimes rise for second year in a row, FBI says
More than 6,00 hate crime incidents occurred in the U.S. last year.
Body cam footage allegedly shows LAPD officers planting cocaine on suspect
The officers likely didn't realize they were being recorded.
Woman says cop abused power to get her phone number, then sexually harass her
She says he texted her that she was 'thick in all the right places.'
Video shows cop punching disorderly female football fan in the face
The fan struck the officer—and he retaliated.
James Comey makes it official with verified Twitter account
The worst kept political-Twitter secret is over.
‘Live PD’ hooks viewers with provocative, real-time cop show
The controversial hit series is turning cops into social media stars.
Police chief faces hate crime charges after multiple reported racist incidents
Recordings show the chief repeatedly calling Black people the N-word.
Bitcoin surges past $7,000 to reach all-time high
It increased $2,000 in one month.
At least 8 dead in terrorist attack in Manhattan [Update]
There is no 'active threat,' according to the mayor's office.
Neo-Nazi internet troll gets over $1 million in Bitcoin donations
Neo-Nazis are seeing a surge in Bitcoin donations.
Police use lineup photo to help residents identify stolen pumpkins
The culprits were caught orange-handed.