Far-right enthusiastically cheers the firing of FBI agent Peter Strzok
He's been a thorn in conservatives' side for years.
Can law enforcement be trusted with facial recognition technology?
Facial recognition is everywhere now. What can people do?
College employee calls police on Black student eating lunch
Police 'found nothing suspicious about the student's presence'
Bodycam footage shows Minneapolis police shooting Black man in the back
Both police and Blevins’ family say the video confirms what they already thought.
Officer investigated for restraining crying 10-year-old distraught over father’s arrest
The police claim the young boy ‘lunged’ at an officer, but family say he was just trying to see his dad.
Just say no to viral ‘copaganda’ videos
Don't let the literal song and dance fool you.
Why does Trump think the FISA warrant is proof of a ‘fake dirty dossier’?
The president says he's vindicated. But his story has some holes.
Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht joins Twitter from prison
It's Ulbricht's first communication with the outside world.
We need to change the way we talk about police killing Black people
Why is it 'officer-involved shooting' and not 'officer shot a Black man'?
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