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Andy Richter tweets about man with ‘fake’ limp, gets schooled
People with disabilities shared their stories of people assuming they were faking it.
Feral hogs are here again—this time from Canada
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Is Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz bin Salman Al Saud a big Steam gamer?
The user has spent thousands on video games.
New Google Maps feature is trying to help fight the opioid epidemic
The site was launched in time for National Recovery Month.
Apple promotes Natural Cycles birth control app despite failures
It’s advertised as only 93% effective with ‘typical use.’
Facebook backtracks on anti-abortion video fact-check
Sen. Ted Cruz and other Republicans pushed back against the fact-check.
Urine therapy is yet another pseudoscience spreading on Facebook
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What is vore porn, and why do people love it?
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Final chapter of indie hit Celeste signals toward a possibly transgender protagonist
The developers have yet to confirm the online fan speculation.
A woman with the same name as Antonio Brown’s accuser is getting harassed online
'It ain’t me dawgs. But you can still follow me.'
Why are games journalists giving Kentucky Fried Chicken free advertising?
Journalists are gobbling up the KFC dating game—and that's a problem.
Queer YouTubers are getting in trouble for sex toy sponsorships
YouTube said the strikes on sex-ed videos were a 'mistake.'
Caroline Calloway responds to former friend’s viral essay with a series of Instagram posts
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Antonio Brown accused of rape, sexual assault by former trainer
The NFL player denies the accusations.
PewDiePie donates $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League—and then changes his mind (updated)
The donation 'doesn’t make sense to everyone,' PewDiePie wrote.