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Mo’Nique suing Netflix for race and gender discrimination
The lawsuit stems from a 'lowball' standup special offer.
Students outraged that professors accused of sexual misconduct are still teaching
Students held a sit-in to protest the administration's decision.
PayPal pulls out of Pornhub, leaving sex workers to consider cryptocurrency
It's a devastating but unsurprising move from the payment processor.
At least 5 employees resign from GitHub, citing ICE contract
'GitHub has a lot of problems it needs to address. ICE is only the latest.'
Ocasio-Cortez met a famous drag queen–and the right melted down
It turned one into a Holocaust supporter, apparently.
Woman says Lyft driver tried to kidnap her
She recounted the story in a social media video.
Gay people masturbate more than straight people, report claims
Meanwhile, nonbinary people say they pleasure themselves 20 times per month.
Black server says manager refused to discipline co-workers who sent racist receipt
The server said co-workers sent him a food order with the N-word.
Planned Parenthood tool to show abortion-seeking users their nearest options
The directory is intended to help users find safe and legal options.
YouTube mom who was charged with child abuse dead at 48
The cause of death is unknown.
Welcome to the gory, stigmatized world of ero guro and guro porn
Take a deep dive into the beating heart of ero guro.
Video shows driver yelling N-word at Black woman in road rage incident 
He has allegedly been fired from his workplace.
Black Facebook employees say company racism has ‘gotten worse’
'Facebook is not doing the best it can.'
White tourist filmed shouting homophobic, racist slurs
'He shouted at everybody and said the most horrible things.'
Stephen Miller’s racist emails leak
Trump aide pushed racist ideology, website amid 900 emails to right-wing blog Breitbart.
Student allegedly posted roommate’s ‘missing’ flyer on Instagram before being charged with her murder
Jordyn Jones and her boyfriend are now suspects in her friend and roommate's murder.
Reddit AITA: Man verbally abused partner through cat impersonations
She took the cat and left him, per Reddit's advice.