The hottest dating site isn’t Bumble or Hinge—it’s Facebook Marketplace

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‘It was love at first offer’: The hottest dating site isn’t Bumble or Hinge—it’s Facebook Marketplace

'She's smart, how to get a free car 1 o 1'


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Posted on Mar 16, 2024   Updated on Mar 16, 2024, 8:36 pm CDT

A man who was just trying to sell some of his personal belongings, including a car, on Facebook Marketplace to earn some extra money ended up being hit on by a woman who jokingly asked if he came with the vehicle.

TikTok user Dimovzy (@dimovzy) posted the video in which he revealed the woman’s proposal as he weighed the possibility of taking her up on her offer while asking other users on the app whether or not he should go on a date with her, despite the fact that she asked if he wanted to go out drinking at 2 p.m.

The viral clip has since accrued over 689,000 views and was followed up by several other videos garnering around an extra 2 million other aggregate views. Dimovzy begins his video recording from the interior of what appears to be a Tesla vehicle. He asks, “Since when is Facebook Marketplace a dating website?”

He explains, “Recently I listed some of my sh*t on Facebook Marketplace. Times are getting tough, I’m trying to make some extra cash, I’m poor, so I listed a car, I listed some shirts, I listed some shoes, etc. Yesterday I get a message and its some lay and she says, ‘How much for the car?’ And I’m thinking to myself, it’s on the damn listing! Why are you asking me how much it is?”

Apparently, the woman had ulterior motives. “And I tell her it’s this amount and she says oh. And I reply to her and I say, ‘Are you interested? And she says, ‘Yeah I am.’ And I say, ‘OK. When did you want to meet up to check out the car?, And she replies to me and says, ‘When are you free?’ And I say I’m free today or tomorrow or whenever, and she says, ‘OK I’m definitely interested, but under one condition.’ And I tell her, ‘What condition is that?’ And she says, ‘Under the condition that you come with the car.'” He laughs to himself at this point in the video and raises his eyebrows.

@dimovzy Dating on facebook marketplace might be the answer.. why use hinge or bumble or even tinder when you can date people instead of sell shit to them #dating ♬ original sound – dimovzy

“I didn’t know flirting was a part of the deal. But OK, so I just tell her ha ha ha, you’re so funny, and I didn’t know what to say cause I never got hit on on Facebook Marketplace,” he says. “So she proceeds to ask me how old are you and I tell her my age. She asks me where I live, I tell her I’m in Orange County, she asks me if I’m single, and I say yeah. And then she asks me do you want to go for a drink? At like 2p.m.! And I’m like oh go for a drink when? And she’s like right now. And I was like I thought you wanted to buy my car not me.”

Not wanting to consume alcohol in the middle of the day, he explained to the woman that he wouldn’t be taking her up on her offer but that he was interested. “But I said no you know it’s 2pm right now I have work to do but maybe we could do it another time? And she asked me what about this weekend. And I tell her uhh let me think on it. Yeah, let me think on it. So here I am, I’m in this dilemma, I’m getting hit on on Facebook Marketplace, the red flag I see in this situation is she wanted to drink at 2 p.m.”

Why does he consider this a red flag? “So the last time I did that the girl ended up costing me $400, because she got belligerently drunk and I don’t know what to do,” he says.

On the other hand… “It could be a good experience, she clearly is attracted to me she’s not too bad herself, besides the 90 filters she uses on her profile photo, that looks like it’s from MySpace, she’s, not that bad, she’s blonde, she has nice eyes, she has her teeth,” he reasons. “So, I don’t know guys, do I go on this date with this girl from Facebook Marketplace? Or do I just pass on it? Because I warn you guys if I go, this might be my last post, so if I disappear and end up on CNN, just remember that you warned me guys to not do this, but I love you guys, I wish you the best, and wish me luck,” he says, smiling into the camera at the end of the clip.

Judging from the reactions from several other users, it seems like other folks have had romantic encounters that stemmed from purchases made on Facebook Marketplace. “I lost my virginity to a girl I bought a couch from on marketplace. That couch has seen some stuff,” one person wrote.

@dimovzy This date i went on was a shit show. A complete nightmare. Maybe i should go on a second date tho? #dating ♬ original sound – dimovzy

Someone else remarked that they might be trying this out for themselves. “Maybe I should sell some stuff on FB marketplace,” they wrote.

Another joked, “My brother met his gf on fb marketplace.”

However there were others who weren’t as surprised as Dimozvy was that someone utilized Facebook Marketplace to try and hit on him. “Sir it’s 20th century everything is dating app- you should see linked in,” wrote one user.

Numerous folks urged him to go on the date, mainly “for the plot.” Dimovzy explained in several follow-up videos that he ultimately did end up going on a date with this woman at a later time, just not at 2 p.m. like she first suggested. He learned that she was a professional “stripper” who, at the end of their initial first date, ended up sitting in his car and outright refused to get out of it. She then asked him several times to come inside of her place despite him telling her several times that he was tired and hinting that he wanted the evening to end.

She wasn’t having it, and, because she became belligerently drunk, required him to carry her to her door. He did, but noted that she was becoming a bit heavy after carrying her so far. After asking if he could pause or set her down, she accused him of calling her fat. He retorted by asking if he wasn’t allowed to get tired.

The night ended, ultimately, with Dimovzy rage quitting the situation, leaving her outside of her place and saying “[expletive] this.” Clearly, he was being sarcastic at the beginning of the video when he says that he may be in love with her. He adds in a caption that he’s considering going on a second date with the woman.

Dimovzy regularly posts about his dating life on the social media application. In another video, the TikToker calculated all of the money that he’s spent over the last five years dating various women while looking at his transaction history, and it turns out he’s dropped over $77,000 in that span, leaving him feeling like he wanted to cry.

Facebook runs an actual dating service that it launched in 2019. While some panned the service, others say it’s a user-friendly way of meeting people in your area who share common interests.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Dimovzy via TikTok comment and Facebook via email for further information.

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*First Published: Mar 16, 2024, 9:00 pm CDT