Bernie Sanders is an independent U.S. senator from Vermont, ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, and a former Democratic presidential candidate. Sanders also served as the mayor of Burlington, Vermont, and a U.S. congressman for the state.

Bernie Sanders plugs Joe Rogan endorsement—and women are furious
People are not happy Rogan is on the Bernie train.
‘Yeah, good. OK’ Bernie Sanders meme is a new way to dismiss people
Is 'Yeah, good. OK' the new 'OK boomer?'
Joe Rogan endorses Bernie Sanders
'He's been insanely consistent his entire life.'
Hillary Clinton blasts Bernie Sanders, says ‘nobody likes him’
Clinton also attacked the 'culture' around Sanders and his campaign.
This Bernie Sanders subreddit just banned all content from CNN
Moderators at r/SandersForPresident cite the network's coverage of the presidential candidate.
Woman blasts Stephen Colbert for not paying when she was an intern
'Hoping a single person who sees this signs up for my Patreon, so I can say this tweet paid out more than Colbert.'
Warren, Sanders fans are fighting over the snake emoji
Partisan controversy divides progressive voters on Twitter.
Warren-Sanders put an end to woman president argument
Warren ended the discussion with a solid quip.
James O’Keefe claims Bernie Sanders will throw Trump fans in gulags
The far-right troll finally drops his big video.
People are blasting Warren over reports that Sanders said a woman can’t win
#ITrustBernie trended as people sided with Sanders.
Bernie Sanders warns war with Iran would be ‘even worse’ than Iraq
Many 2020 Democrats have reacted to the situation.
Is Bernie Sanders a Russian asset? Just look at the dang time zones
Everyone is a Russian asset these days.
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