Bernie Sanders is an independent U.S. senator from Vermont, ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, and a former Democratic presidential candidate. Sanders also served as the mayor of Burlington, Vermont, and a U.S. congressman for the state.

Why teens love Bernie Sanders so much
They seem like opposites on the surface.
Bernie Sanders’ bad week doesn’t bode well for 2020
Bernie needs to get his act together going forward.
Who’s going to challenge Trump in 2020? Here are 17 super-early contenders
Democrats are starting to wonder who might be able to beat Donald Trump.
Women say they were sexually harassed on Clinton, Sanders campaigns
Both women say the campaigns did not handle their situations well.
Why can’t Elizabeth Warren win the White House?
Sen. Elizabeth Warren has a passionate fanbase—and a lot of haters.
The 3 things Democrats must demand from the DNC going forward
Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile's tell-all has exposed severe weaknesses in the DNC. It's time to demand better.
Clinton-DNC deal only applied to preparations made for general election
The deal had nothing to do with Bernie Sanders.
Ex-DNC chair details ‘unethical’ Clinton takeover of party finances
An agreement said Clinton's campaign would pay off the DNC's debt in exchange for control of the financials.
Bernie Sanders is opening the Women’s Convention—and not everyone is pleased
A man is opening a Women's March event—what could go wrong?
White House says Sanders’ single-payer healthcare bill is a ‘horrible idea’
The White House believes America is on their side—but polls show otherwise.
Bernie Sanders sets the stage for 2018 with single-payer healthcare bill
The bill stands little chance of passing—but that's not the point.
Democrats demand Bernie Sanders get his supporters in line
Democrats say party unity is important for 2018 and 2020.
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