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‘Nailed it @bernie,’ Bernie Sanders accidentally stumbles into TikTok dance

It’s giving Larry David.


Claire Goforth


Compared to most members of Congress, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was an early adopter of TikTok. He’s been on the platform since 2020; several of his TikToks have gone viral since then.

The most recent viral TikTok featuring Sanders happened organically. While in New York City where he’s reportedly promoting his latest book, Sanders inadvertently walked into the frame as a duo performed a TikTok dance.

The internet can’t get enough of the clip of Sanders awkwardly but politely trying to get around them. The TikTok has been viewed 1.5 million times since Taylor Champ (@taylorchamp) posted it yesterday. Champ captioned it, “Nailed it,” and tagged Sanders.

@taylorchamp Nailed it @bernie ♬ Ac r7sheed – rhy 🎸🍃 🕸️

The TikTok has laughter ringing throughout the web.

Many people offered suggestions for alternative sounds to put over the TikTok. The theme song from Curb Your Enthusiasm was a popular choice. “Something never needed Curb theme music more,” @WUTangKids tweeted.

Champ obliged a couple requests (though not Curb Your Enthusiasm as of this writing). For one, she added the audio of Nicki Minaj laughingly saying, “Ariana what are you doing here?” when Ariana Grande unexpectedly joined her Instagram Live. On another, she used a sample of “Jailhouse Rock,” by Elvis Presley.

Some actually initially mistook Sanders for the star of the show.

“We’ve seen Larry David do Bernie Sanders, that’s Bernie Sanders doing Larry David lol,” wrote another.

Seeing him casually walking down the street without any fanfare inspired comments like “I love him,” “that’s my president,” and “LET THE KING THROUGH.”

Sanders’ unaffected manner served as a reminder that he’s like the rest of us.

“Bernie Sanders really is just some guy,” @diedforawhile noted.

Multiple commenters referenced other classic Sanders moments, like when he wore fuzzy mittens to President Joe Biden’s inauguration and the “I am once again asking” meme.

“I am once again asking for you to stop dancing on the sidewalks,” wrote one.

While most people focused on the senator, others noticed that the woman who walked around Champ and her fellow dancer is his wife, Jane Sanders.

Champ said in a comment that she almost hit Jane Sanders during the dance.

“All I was thinking was wow, first time I try to make a TikTok out here and I almost hit this poor lady in the face,” Champ wrote. “I was just hoping she wasn’t mad but she was so sweet.”

Champ didn’t respond to an Instagram message seeking comment.

Claire Goforth  10:53 AM

Update 10:11am CT, Feb. 23: Champ told the Daily Dot via Instagram messenger that she expected the TikTok to trend “because it was such a funny moment,” but was surprised it was so widely reported in the media.

“I’m still in shock because it was all by accident, so I think the real moment and priceless reaction is what made it so entertaining,” she said. Champ added that if her TikTok inspires the next Sanders meme, “I’m glad I got the chance to be a creator for the people.”

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