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‘Spitting Karen’ spits on bus passenger—he pushes her off the bus

'What is wrong with you?'

On Oct 22, 2020 by Kahron Spearman

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Stunt woman dies in tragic accident on the set of ‘Deadpool 2’

The throttle somehow engaged on her fifth attempt and she lost control.

On Aug 14, 2017 by Nahila Bonfiglio

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A brief history of Vancouver pretending to be other cities in movies and TV

Chances are you've seen this without realizing it.

On Sep 14, 2015 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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Bear relaxes in Vancouver couple’s pool and hot tub

No big deal, just a bear cooling off.

On Aug 19, 2015 by Michelle Jaworski

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Meet the Canadian college student who’s about to be the next enemy of the feminist movement

Lauren Southern is running for public office, finishing college, and trolling feminists, all at the same time.

On Jun 15, 2015 by Marisa Kabas

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U2’s the Edge walked right off the edge of a stage

Edgy move.

On May 15, 2015 by Feliks Garcia

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Rare, exotic African cat killed by truck in Canada

Vancouver Island, Canada couple's photo sparks a star-crossed cat-hunt.

On Dec 15, 2014 by Ramon Ramirez

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Meet the 30 winners of Storyhive’s webseries competition

Meet the 30 finalists in Storyhive’s webseries competition.

On Dec 8, 2014 by Allen Weiner

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Craigslister is selling a jar of Kevin Spacey’s breath

It's believed to be chicken pasta-scented.

On Sep 18, 2014 by Miles Klee

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Politician Trish Kelly resigns after 8-year-old masturbation joke surfaces on video

Kelly was running for Vancouver Park Board when a video of her joking about her "solitary sex life" surfaced. 

On Jul 24, 2014 by EJ Dickson

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Rob Ford closes out January with a jaywalking ticket

Of course, Ford’s wild night was documented spectaculary on Instagram.

On Feb 1, 2014 by Cooper Fleishman

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This secret society is not so secret on Facebook

This may be why Skull and Bones don't rely on social media.

On Nov 20, 2013 by Miles Klee

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Help these newlyweds catch the thief who ransacked their wedding

Julie Wilson and Bryan Ball hosted 70 people at their fairytale Vancouver wedding. Well, 71 if you count the thief.

On Sep 7, 2013 by Lorraine Murphy

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Brave woman steals her bike back from Craigslist thief

A woman in Vancouver recovered her stolen bike after she found out the thief was selling it on Craigslist.  

On Aug 26, 2013 by Gaby Dunn

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This “LYING CHEATING SALE” is a great way to rage-quit a marriage

While her husband was off with his "floozie," a scorned wife sold off just about everything he owned in a Craigslist-powered weekend yard sale—sorry, LYING CHEATING SALE.

On Mar 14, 2013 by Kevin Morris