Man talking(l+r), Waterloo sparkling water boxes(c)

‘Not a ‘drinking water’ is crazy’: Is Waterloo Sparkling Water hiding something from customers?

"It's all I drink...stopping immediately."

On May 16, 2024 by Rachel Kiley

worker speaking in car with caption 'to discuss your pay with anybody' (l) boss handing worker paycheck over wooden desk (c) worker speaking in car with caption 'they trying to screw you over y'all' (r)

‘When a company tells you not to discuss your pay with anybody, they trying to screw you over’: Worker quits job after he found out boss was underpaying him

'It's actually illegal fro them to tell you this.'

On Feb 21, 2023 by Braden Bjella

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California’s new bot transparency law goes into effect

Just don't expect it to hinder those Russian bots any time soon.

On Jul 5, 2019 by Mikael Thalen

White House Website with Magnifying Glass

Lawsuit seeks to force Trump administration to publish White House visitor logs

Senate Democrats also want logs kept at Mar-a-Lago.

On Apr 10, 2017 by David Gilmour

NASA Logo at Kennedy Space Center

NASA blocks FOIA request for potential White House ‘media blackout’ orders

NASA appears to have invented a new rule that seemingly affects only users of a popular online FOIA service.

On Mar 21, 2017 by Dell Cameron

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The WikiLeaks-inspired war for the Mormon Church’s deepest secrets

Two new websites are exposing the Mormon Church, one leak at a time.

On Feb 8, 2017 by Nico Lang

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How a video game about sheep exposes the FBI’s broken FOIA system

Baaaaa, that's a long time!

On Oct 11, 2016 by Aaron Sankin

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Eric Holder says Snowden ‘performed a public service’ but calls leaks ‘inappropriate and illegal’

Holder prosecuted more whistleblowers than any other attorney general.

On May 30, 2016 by Eric Geller

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Top U.S. lawmakers investigating whether powerful DOJ office skirted transparency laws

Top lawmakers are concerned that the Obama administration is trying to avoid transparency.

On Mar 14, 2016 by Eric Geller

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Privacy coalition urges FCC to police how ISPs use and protect customer data

Internet companies are sure to object to new rules about what they do with customer data.

On Jan 20, 2016 by Eric Geller

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Federal border-protection agency says it won’t use body cameras

A review by the agency claims that body cameras are a distraction to border-patrol agents.

On Nov 9, 2015 by Dell Cameron

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The government spent almost $7 million on military tributes at sporting events

When you hear the numbers involved, you'll be outraged.

On Nov 5, 2015 by Joey Keeton

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Hillary Clinton aide will refuse to testify about private email server

Other aides, however, will testify.

On Sep 3, 2015 by Patrick Howell O'Neill

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Homeland Security officials skirted government email rules

Maybe U.S. government email is just a pain to use?

On Jul 21, 2015 by Eric Geller

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Former attorney general says the government might offer Edward Snowden a deal

Snowden's exile could end in a plea bargain.

On Jul 7, 2015 by Curt Hopkins