man sitting at desk, looking over his shoulder, then walking out of room - with caption 'POV: you run a shift full of teens'


‘It’s like babysitting a bunch of kids’: Bojangles manager shares what it’s like having teenage workers on his shift

'I swear I break something every shift.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Feb 13, 2023

A shift manager shared his point of view on what it’s like working with teenagers on his shift in a viral TikTok.

In the six-second clip, TikTok user Von (@emperorvon) sits at his desk, seemingly minding his own business with a headset.

“POV: you run a shift full of teenagers,” the text overlay reads. Then a TikTok audio plays the sounds of a crash and his head turns.

“Now, who the fuck did that?” he lip-syncs a soundbite from Scary Movie 3, followed by him throwing his arms up in the air exasperatedly and storming out.

In the caption, he adds, “It’s like babysitting a bunch of kids.”

@emperorvon 😩it’s like babysitting a bunch of kids #shiftmanager #teens #bojangles #nightshift #scarymovie3 ♬ original sound – Dave😬💯

The Daily Dot reached out to Von via TikTok comment regarding the video. The video amassed 2 million views as of Monday, resonating with viewers who agreed with Von.

“My work on a daily,” one viewer wrote.

“No cause theres me and like 5 others teens on a shift on a Friday night we cause nothing but chaos for our manager,” a teenage worker confirmed.

“Especially the closing shifts oh my god,” a third agreed.

Some teenagers chimed in, claiming the situation was not unfamiliar in their experience.

“Me at my job I stay dropping stuff,” one user agreed.

“I swear I break something every shift. ion know how,” a second commented.

“I always sound like I’m breaking some cause i throw dishes into the sink,” a third stated.

However, others disagreed with Von, believing their teenage employees work better than the adult ones.

“At my job the teens have such a better work ethic than the adults and the crew members do more than the shift leads and managers,” one person shared.

“Nah fr but teenagers HAVE always been my best & most responsible workers so,” a second concurred.

“Hell nah at my spot the teens are better at managing the place than the managers,” a third said.

Another user added, “Tbh I feel like the teens are more mature than the adults I work with.”

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*First Published: Feb 13, 2023, 2:19 pm CST