michael knowles at CPAC saying 'Transgenderism must be eradicated' (l) michael knowles shirtless in bed with a man (r)

‘So much for traditional masculinity’: Anti-LGBTQ Daily Wire personality played queer character in unearthed student film

Michael Knowles is anti-trans, anti-drag, and opposes gay marriage.

On Mar 20, 2023 by Claire Goforth

T-Kash Welcome to my Life Cartoon Network

‘Welcome To My Life’ is a lovable short film about a teenage monster

This documentary-style animated movie is a sweet story about humans and monsters living side-by-side.

On Apr 14, 2017 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Dante's lunch Pixar Coco

Stop what you’re doing and watch Pixar’s new ‘Coco’ short

Dante the dog just can’t catch a break.

On Mar 29, 2017 by Sarah Weber

Homepage article image

‘Ghostfish’ is an excellent short film about accidentally going on a date with a ghost

This New Zealand horror/comedy short will keep surprising you till the end.

On Dec 6, 2016 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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Pixar’s 8 best short films

Pixar’s short films are in a class of their own.

On Dec 6, 2016 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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Stunning Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask fan film tells the origin story of Skull Kid

Who do we have to bribe to get this made into a full movie?

On Nov 22, 2016 by Sarah Weber

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This haunting sci-fi short film is so beautiful, you can’t look away

Vimeo staff pick ‘Lost Boy’ seizes the platform.

On Nov 18, 2016 by Samantha Grasso

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Beautiful short film will remind you of the punching and pain from the ‘circle game’

It was all the rage on the schoolyard.

On Sep 23, 2016 by Gabe Bergado

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The best YouTube videos are 30 seconds or shorter—and here’s the proof

Poetry in motion.

On Sep 22, 2016 by Luke Winkie

Homepage article image

Reddit-penned horror story inspires short film

You have a knife too?!

On Mar 2, 2016 by Sherry Tucci

Homepage article image

This gorgeous short about a West African superheroine is a taste of the future

Nigerian filmmaker Nosa Igbinedion has given us a female superhero to be reckoned with.

On Dec 3, 2015 by Aja Romano

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4 brilliant short films on their way to becoming features

Any one of these shorts would make for an amazing full-length film.

On Jul 26, 2015 by David Wharton

Homepage article image

The story behind the doomed Disney Princess Academy

The reasons this gorgeous concept film won’t ever happen are complicated.

On May 29, 2015 by Aja Romano

Homepage article image

Lost short film that played before ‘Empire Strikes Back’ found

After 35 years, this influential footnote turns up on YouTube.

On May 13, 2015 by Joey Keeton

Homepage article image

The first YouTube clip is 10 years old—and it’s still a masterpiece

A decade later, we’ve yet to top the subtle genius of ‘Me at the Zoo.’

On Apr 23, 2015 by Jaya Saxena

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