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Reddit-penned horror story inspires short film

You have a knife too?!


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Dreary rainfall, awkward apprehension, and worrying radio reports of a serial killer on the loose create a classic horror setting for Pretty Little Miss—a Reddit work of fiction turned short film.

The story, written six months ago by Reddit user JeniusGuy, rose to the top of the thread in r/WritingPrompts. The prompt challenged authors to write the encounter of two serial killers—one who kills hitchhikers and one who poses as a hitchhiker, killing the souls that pick her up. 

JeniusGuy’s comment tells the story of Jim and Jean, the latter of whom is more notoriously known than Jim, an apparent rookie murderer targeting hitchhikers like Jean. Little does he know that he picked up the very killer he’s a fan of.

Finishing the story on an ambiguous note, JeniusGuy had multiple Reddit users requesting a sequel that includes further development of Jim and Jean and their relationship. While JeniusGuy denied their appeals, declaring his contentment with the way the story is, another Reddit user delivered in the form of film.

Published Tuesday, user iFilmThat released his seven-minute short based on JeniusGuy’s writing. The video has garnered nearly 20,000 views so far. Unfortunately, it hasn’t quite received the same amount of praise and excitement as the written version both on Reddit and YouTube.

But the book’s always better than the movie anyway, right?

Read JeniusGuy’s original story here.

Screengrab via iFilmThat/YouTube

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