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ISIS threatens Paris, Rome, U.S. in new video

This is at least the third ISIS video released since the Nov. 13 Paris attacks.

On by Patrick Howell O’Neill

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4 amazing ‘Game of Thrones’ substitutes you can stream for free right now

We can’t promise you dragons, but we can promise you all the intrigue, violence, and sex you can stomach.

On by David Wharton

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After cancer diagnosis, woman documents beautiful around-the-world trip on Instagram

Megan Sullivan is a rock climber and cancer survivor. Now, she can add ‘world traveler’ to her bio.

On by Marisa Kabas

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Here’s what Justin Bieber looks like alongside Ben Stiller in ‘Zoolander 2’

He’s got the face down already.

On by Michelle Jaworski

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Two American women vandalized the Roman Coliseum so they could take a selfie

How stupid do you have to be to think this is OK?

On by Michelle Jaworski

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Researchers use X-ray technique to read scrolls blacked out by Mount Vesuvius eruption

Technology of the future is helping us unlock the past.

On by AJ Dellinger

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The pros and cons of getting HBO for free

As subscribers cut the cord and viewers pirate Game of Thrones in droves, HBO is debating a new distribution model for their old content.

On by Chris Osterndorf

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Italy blocks a record number of sites for copyright infringement

“The largest operation against file sharing and torrents known in Italy.”

On by Kevin Collier

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Cops in Rome count on Twitter for reports of illegal parking

Does your Smartcar really need all that space?

On by Miles Klee

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New Snowden leak reveals U.S. espionage in Rome and Milan

U.S. embassies in Italy are monitored by the NSA’s Special Collection Service.

On by Dell Cameron

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What subreddit do you want to see gone forever?

Also in today’s Reddit Digest: the biological cause of hymens, traffic jams in ancient Rome, and a Prince of Persia AMA.

On by Kevin Morris

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