police officer with gun drawn looks at phone screen with punisher skull flag logo

Uvalde cop seen with Punisher lock screen goes viral (updated)

A lock screen image says 1,000 words.

On Jul 13, 2022 by David Covucci

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Netflix’s ‘The Punisher’ remains slow in season 2

Jon Bernthal shines in another disappointingly slow and politically confused season.

On Jan 11, 2019 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

netflix punisher

Jon Bernthal fires back at alt-right ‘Punisher’ fans

Jon Bernthal has two words for his alt-right fans.

On Jan 4, 2018 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

punisher netflix

‘The Punisher’ season 2 trailer gives first look at Jigsaw

We're up-to-date on casting news, release dates, trailers, and more.

On Dec 19, 2017 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

punisher max review

This ‘Punisher’ book illustrates everything great (and terrifying) about the character

This adult-rated volume collects two of the smartest and most shocking 'Punisher' stories from Marvel Comics.

On Oct 5, 2017 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Daredevil season 3

The full trailer for ‘Daredevil’ season 3 brings back Wilson Fisk

Season 3 of the hit Netflix show will make Hell’s Kitchen a living hell for Matt Murdock.

On Feb 8, 2017 by Dan Marcus

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‘Preacher’ co-creator Steve Dillon passes away

Dillon was just 54.

On Oct 22, 2016 by April Siese

Punisher logo

The Punisher is getting his own spinoff on Netflix

He'll be back to punish another day.

On Apr 29, 2016 by Michelle Jaworski

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The true message of ‘Daredevil’ season 2: Matt Murdock is a terrible superhero

Daredevil doesn't seem to be saving anyone—especially himself.

On Mar 22, 2016 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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Decoding the artistic inspiration behind ‘Daredevil’s gorgeous season 2 posters

The posters for 'Daredevil' season 2 are full of Catholic imagery from artists like Caravaggio and Michelangelo.

On Mar 15, 2016 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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The Punisher shines in ‘Daredevil’ season 2, but the story breaks little new ground

'Daredevil' returns this weekend, and we've seen the first seven episodes.

On Mar 15, 2016 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

netflix original series : daredevil

New ‘Daredevil’ trailer shows us Elektra and ninja fight scenes

In season 2 of 'Daredevil,' Matt Murdock and Elektra take on a malevolent ninja organization.

On Feb 25, 2016 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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Marvel greenlights ‘Jessica Jones’ season 2 and considers other Netflix shows

Is the Punisher going to get his own Netflix show after appearing in Marvel's 'Daredevil' this year?

On Jan 18, 2016 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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Tom Hardy’s 50 Cent Dubsmash contains a not-so-subtle ‘Punisher’ nod

Wherever Tom Hardy goes, magic happens.

On Aug 21, 2015 by Aja Romano

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The Punisher is coming to ‘Daredevil’—here’s what you should know

We'll just have to put a hold on that Tom Hardy franchise for a while.

On Jun 9, 2015 by Aja Romano