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‘I was then asked if I believed in free speech’: Applicant says garden center asked if she’s liberal or conservative during job interview

'They didn't ask me too much about my experience with plants.'

On Oct 13, 2022 by Rebekah Harding

Cat laying on bed (l) House porch with 'Just Married' sign hung on railing caption 'The night we got home from our wedding was supposed to be magical. But it quickly turned into our worst nightmare' (c) Woman cuddling cat on bed (r)

‘As a non cat owner, I would never know’: Friends surprised newlyweds with flowers at their home, accidentally poisoning their cat

'Lilies sold anywhere should come with a warning on them.'

On Jun 10, 2022 by Maria Poggi

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‘This is exactly how you destroy an ecosystem’: TikToker calls out the flaws in using invasive insect species as a pesticide alternative, sparking debate

'Stop using bug spray and native beneficial insects will come for free.'

On Jun 9, 2022 by Rebekah Harding

woman outside holding plant in hand caption ' Historically used as an herb, but also for menstrual and labor pains and also worms????' (l) woman hand holding plant caption 'do you recognize this plant?' (c) woman hand up to side of face speaking with caution warning on hand (r)

‘Thank you for mentioning the risks’: TikTok foragers are warning viewers not to turn to plants for abortions in the wake of the Supreme Court draft leak

'Thank you for using your platform to speak about this.'

On May 8, 2022 by Braden Bjella

woman reaching up to plant taking a piece of it caption 'When someone asks Where do you get all your plants' (l) Plants in trendy room tan (r)

‘Honestly proud to say I’ve only bought one plant’: TikToker admits she gets all her plants by taking pieces off other plants at establishments, sparking debate

'The plant police already mad at u in the comments.'

On Apr 21, 2022 by Cecilia Lenzen

A row of house plants on a windowsill.

What’s with all these Reddit stories of men getting jealous of their partner’s plants?

The latest one involves a man asking his girlfriend to remove her plants.

On Aug 30, 2021 by Siobhan Ball


Redditors keep this data engineer’s plants alive for him

They have been watering his plants for three years now.

On Jul 18, 2019 by Mikael Thalen

This six-legged robot designed to keep plants alive was created by Vincross founder Sun Tianqi.

This playful robot is designed to take care of your plants

We'll take 10, please.

On Jul 12, 2018 by Kristina Nguyen

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Scientists turn spinach leaf into human heart tissue, a potentially big discovery

Spinach is tasty. And could potentially save your life.

On Mar 26, 2017 by Chris Tognotti

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The internet decides if and when this plant gets watered

Its fate is in your hands.

On Jun 15, 2016 by David Britton

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Microsoft is funding a project to make it easier to talk to plants

For years, gardeners have said talk to your roses. Now Microsoft is trying to make that a reality.

On Jun 8, 2016 by John-Michael Bond

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‘Unseen City’ will open your eyes to the hidden natural world all around you

Once you've seen how squirrels and pigeons move, you'll always notice it.

On Apr 13, 2016 by Cynthia McKelvey

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This pickup truck full of weed is the best deal going on Craigslist

Buy now.

On Nov 25, 2015 by Joey Keeton

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This mushroom looks like the hatchling of Cthulhu himself

Fungi are gross and weird

On Nov 13, 2015 by Cynthia McKelvey

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No, the Fukushima nuclear meltdown didn’t cause these flowers to mutate

… Probably.

On Jul 23, 2015 by Cynthia McKelvey